Trainer Lem Brown finds life-changing treatment with local stem cell therapy

Trainer Lem Brown finds life-changing treatment with local stem cell therapy

Lem Brown

Walking through South Miami or Coconut Grove, you might see Lem Brown jogging with his dog, a bundle of rolling muscles and happy intent.

An avid athlete and Miami resident for over 40 years, Brown has become a pillar of the community, especially the wellness sector. A Metropolis Gym personal trainer to the affluent residents of Coconut Grove and Pinecrest, Brown had become a familiar face. Specializing in the development of the surrounding area’s physique, he was a shining example of optimal health — until he was not.

Days training others at the gym consisted of leaning on machines, stabilizing against walls and stretching out-of-sight — all to mask the debilitating pain in his left hip. As time went on, the pain worsened.

The once avid athlete who shot hoops, bladed down winding sidewalks and biked regularly now was immobile. Everyday tasks such as getting dressed or standing up became a chore. Throbbing pain kept Brown awake most nights.

Doctors were kept on constant rotation, each one referring him to the next. Nobody wanted to say it, but they did not know how to fix him.

Brown had been diagnosed with hip osteoarthritis and a torn labrum, both conditions affecting the cartilage surrounding his joints. The only solutions offered were cortisone shots or a total hip replacement, an operation Brown was hesitant to undergo.

One day during a training session, a client recommended an unusual solution to his ailment — stem cell therapy. The act of extracting your own stem cells to then re-inject to the affected areas sounded futuristic and promising.

Determined to heal, Brown arrived at American Stem Cell Centers of Excellence, 7800 SW 57 Ave., where the medical team confirmed that stem cell therapy would be the perfect solution for his pain. His first two injections in January and March 2016 resulted in broadened motion and diminished pain. The final procedure in August 2016 resulted in almost no pain and restoration of his range of motion. It was an incredible transformation.

Over a short, eight-month period, Brown regained his quality of life. The minimally invasive procedure was quick and required no recovery period. Brown was back to exercising in no time with “night and day” improvements on his physique and mental wellbeing.

“I’m so happy I made the decision to try stem cell therapy instead of going under the knife,” Brown said. “My experience with the treatment proved to me that it works; American Stem Cell Centers of Excellence gave me back my life.”

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5 Comments on "Trainer Lem Brown finds life-changing treatment with local stem cell therapy"

  1. Kimberly Davis | January 31, 2018 at 2:41 pm | Reply

    I can say “What a coincidence be Lem is my 1st cousin we are two sisters children and I’m suffering Day in and day out with the same or similar symptoms as he… my hips on both sides are badly deteriorated one side worst than the other and reading this article is why I’m also reaching out on how to find out about this amazing procedure. Lem if you’re reading this message please contact your cousin Kim I’m still residing in Sarasota Fl. And can be reached at )941)536-1224 I hope to hear from you soon because this can also be the beginning of the end for me as well… Thank you and I love you! Sincerely, Kim

  2. Kimberly Davis | January 31, 2018 at 2:42 pm | Reply

    Please notify me Lem via email

  3. Sue Carter aka Tinker | January 31, 2018 at 6:46 pm | Reply

    Thank you for sharing. I have a similar situation, but with my knee. I will definitely do my research.

  4. Remetta Wiggins | February 1, 2018 at 8:24 pm | Reply

    You look like the “Board of Health.” I’m so happy for you. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Lem you look wonderful, glad you’re doing better 👌🏻 Will for sure stop by to say hello.
    Judi berger

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