What should people of Palmetto Bay expect from a leader


Here’s the way I see it:

David Singer, a councilman in the Village of Palmetto Bay has been, well how can I say it – confrontational.

The truth of the matter is that his style, which can be bullying, needs to change, but he is always fighting for what is best for the Village, which also matters.

He has lost his temper – and again, that needs to be curbed – but his big, ready to rumble personality speaks to the fact that is not a go along to get along guy. That is good for the Village.

He speaks up when others are silent and speaks his truth when he needed.

Even some of his detractors understand this and support him privately even though they criticize him or stay quiet publicly.

He’s a bulldog he won’t let go of a bone when he is passionate about an issue.

Case in point: He recently filed a lawsuit against Mayor Cunningham and the Village of Palmetto Bay for not releasing public records. Yup – David had the audacity to file a lawsuit for failing to comply with public records law.

David had some nerve didn’t he? Well guess what? The city is now going to comply with the law and produce the documents.

But why did the mayor and the city stonewall his legitimate request? We might find out soon.

David also helped  lead the way so that two positions for police officers would be put back into the budget for this year. Additionally the position(s) for park security would also be put back into the budget.

So, how’s David doing now? Hmm, pretty good in my book.

Next, David helped bring a lot of attention to the 10-foot wide sidewalk that was to start in October and go in the front yards of homes on 136 Street from US1 to about 67 Avenue.

The folks on 136 Street spoke up and were passionate and spoke their truth and got the project delayed to at least January, when further discussion just might delay it longer.

Thanks to the neighbors for speaking up and for David Singer’s passion.

Sometimes people don’t like David’s openness. Sometimes we wish that we could change people, and get them to fit into or own perfect world, but life is not like that. What you see is what you get and it’s that way with David.

I hope that you vote for the candidates that are or will be effective in getting the job done as an elected councilperson in the Village of Palmetto Bay.

Have a great day and thanks for being involved.

Michael can be contacted at Michael@communitynewspapers.com

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