CCF spring break program boosts organization skills in adolescents

FIU’s Center for Children and Families (CCF) is offering a unique program to help middle school students who struggle with organization, time management and planning.

ccf spring breakBoy Studying With Home TutorThe Spring Break Organization Camp is part of CCF’s Supporting Teens’ Academic Needs Daily (STAND) program and is open to any student in grades 6 to 8. STAND offers comprehensive family-based services to middle and high school students with attention, organization and behavioral problems throughout the school year. The spring break program focuses on helping students in middle school stay focused and develop organizational skills outside of the classroom. The program offers opportunities for the students to practice new skills with peers on academic, extracurricular and teamwork tasks.

“The spring break program is meant to be a positive experience for kids to introduce them to organization time management and planning skills. It is not a therapy program,” said psychologist Margaret Sibley, director of the STAND program. “We hope that students will understand what these skills are, and will be able to identify ways in which they might apply them to school, social and extracurricular settings.”

Trained graduate student counselors provide support to students organizing school materials, practicing time management skills related to completing academic work and managing their daily responsibilities. They incorporate recreational and fun activities throughout the day and teach students how to plan ahead for tests and projects. The program incorporates a parent strategies session to help transfer these skills into their day-to-day routines.

The Spring Break Organization Camp starts March 23. Enrollment is now open. Call 305-348-0477 for registration information.

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