Don’t let getting sick ruin your semester


You’ve figured out when to leave home to make it to class on time, read over your syllabi and have everything planned for a successful semester. But what if you unexpectedly get sick? It may take weeks to get an appointment with your doctor.

Before you panic and start thinking your academic success is at risk, remember the FIU Student Health Center is here to help you get back on your feet. Conveniently located on both the Modesto A. Maidique Campus and Biscayne Bay Campus, the Student Health Center offers appointments readily and provides high quality affordable clinical care, including primary care, vaccines, dermatology and gynecology services.

The cost of the first office visit to the facility is covered by the mandatory student health fee. Plus, if you are currently enrolled in the school sponsored insurance plan, most services are also covered at 100 percent with no co-pay.

If you need additional tests or procedures and you have private insurance, don’t fret. The student health fee helps offset the costs for STD testing, medications and lab tests such as blood work and urinalysis so that you pay less for those services.

As for the caliber of the physicians, rest assured you are in the hands of highly trained medical professionals who can diagnose illness and treat injuries. Plus, your visit and records are always confidential.

“Our providers have extensive knowledge and are experts on college health issues,” says Dr. Saara Schwartz, medical director of Student Health Services.

What’s more, psychiatrists offer outpatient treatment for attention deficit disorders, anxiety, depression, sleep problems, mood disorders, psychotic disorders, uncomplicated substance use disorders and other common psychiatric disorders.

“Sometimes we believe that we automatically have a severe or complex mental illness if we need to see a behavioral health provider, but the truth is that behavior health providers see many people who are just going through a stressful or difficult time emotionally and need support to cope successfully,” explains Dr. Carissa Caban-Aleman, director of Behavioral Health Services.

Moreover, behavioral treatment provides a series of tools and resources to cope and do better with social interactions and academic demands.

Additionally, if you need to fill a prescription or buy over-the-counter medications, you can easily do so at the FIU Pharmacy next to the student clinic. This way, you can save time and feel better fast.

The Student Health Center is just one of the many perks of the student health fee. The student health fee also gives you free access to most of the services offered by Counseling and Psychological ServicesDisability Resource CenterHealthy Living Program and the Victim Empowerment Program.

For more information, please visit the Student Health Center.

Be sure to also learn more about Healthy Campus Month Resources.

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