FIU partners with data science training provider Metis to offer bootcamp for high-in-demand tech skills

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Metis, a leading data science and analytics training provider and part of global educational services provider Kaplan, has partnered with Florida International University, Miami’s public research university, to launch FIU Data Science Bootcamp, a 24-week online immersive program beginning in October.

Created and engineered by industry-leading data scientists at Metis, the FIU Data Science Bootcamp features a project-based curriculum to help learners build a portfolio of real-world work that can make them uniquely job-ready in the fast growing data science field. The following six, 4-week courses constitute the duration of the bootcamp:

  1. Python and Math Fundamentals: In this introductory course, learn basic Python programming skills and mathematical essentials critical for data science. In addition to coding fundamentals, the course covers linear algebra, calculus, probability, and statistics.
  2. Exploratory Data Analysis: Learn how to leverage tools like SQL and advanced Python libraries, studying the fundamentals of exploratory data analysis.
  3. Business Fundamentals for Data Practitioners: Learn the skills needed to make meaningful data insights, which in turn can help learners make better business decisions.
  4. Linear Regression and Data Acquisition: Learn how to acquire data, plus the basics of linear regressions, cross-validation, feature engineering, and more.
  5. Machine Learning Classification: Explore several classification methods, from common algorithms to advanced models used by many companies today, and learn how to apply them in a practical use case.
  6. Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Unsupervised Learning: Study dimensionality reduction, clustering, and recommendation systems to build a knowledge base in NLP and unsupervised learning.

“This partnership demonstrates FIU’s ongoing commitment to equipping our learners with the skills and knowledge necessary to take full advantage of lucrative, in-demand career opportunities in any industry,” said Dr. Elizabeth M. Béjar, interim provost, executive vice president, and chief operating officer, Florida International University.

“We couldn’t be more excited to partner with Florida International University to create this data science bootcamp that will help learners get, and stay, a step ahead in a competitive workforce,” said Roberto Reif, executive director and head of Metis. “From personalized career support that extends beyond the completion of the data science bootcamp to one-on-one career guidance to job search tutorials that teach learners how to build an impressive resume, the program provides them all the resources they need to help achieve their career goals.”

Learners interested in enrolling in the October bootcamp, which includes a rigorous admissions process, must complete their application here before the October 3 deadline. Students interested in enrolling in one of the six 4-week courses individually may do so, without an admissions process.

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