FIU Research Week: Telehealth programs benefit young children with developmental delay

It’s FIU Research Week on Academic Minute. From Monday, Aug. 7 — Friday, Aug. 11, FIU experts will be talking about their latest work and discoveries on the public radio show and podcast available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify

Psychology Professor Daniel M. Bagner — along with and Jonathan Comer and researchers from FIU’s Center for Children and Families — led the first study of its kind investigating how using videoconferencing to provide live coaching of caregiver-child interactions impacted children with developmental delay.

On this episode, Bagner explores what the research revealed about the benefits of telehealth and if it offers the same benefits as “face-to-face”therapy. 

Listen to the episode: 

Read a transcript here. 

Daniel Bagner is a licensed and board-certified clinical child psychologist, director of the Early Childhood Behavior Lab at the Center for Children and Families and director of clinical training in the Clinical Science Program in Child and Adolescent Psychology at FIU.


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