Race to raise over 30 for Deering Estate


grant-millerIn celebration of the Deering Estate’s 30th Anniversary on the National Register of Historic Places, the Deering Estate Foundation has launched a virtual race to raise $30,000 in 30 days benefiting the ongoing preservation and conservation of this national treasure and to commemorate this milestone in the Estate’s history!! The donation to become part of the team and complete the race is $30; $1 for each year on the national register.

If you believe as I do, that preserving the Deering Estate and having access to the cultural, educational and recreational programs, activities and events offered year-round at the Estate that we all enjoy enhances our community’s quality of life; I challenge you to step up to the starting line with the Deering Estate Foundation in the month of August and race with them to support their efforts to continue preserving and enhancing this national treasure for generations to come.

The Deering Estate is nearly 460 acres of natural habitat and history that has been preserved for the benefit of our community. Its archaeology dates back to the turn of the Ice Age when mammoths and saber tooth tigers roamed the land, when Tequesta and Seminole Indians lived here and used it as their hunting grounds. It is the site of South Dade’s first township –the Town of Cutler – and Richmond Hotel built in 1896 that thrived before Henry Flagler brought his railroad through west of US 1 causing the township to pick up and move west to Perrine. Industrialist Charles Deering, Chairman of International Harvester, environmentalist and patron of the arts, then began purchasing the land in 1913 and eventually made it his winter home, renovating the Richmond Hotel in 1916 and in 1922 building the Stone House, Carriage House, Pump House and Power House that are being preserved today for all of us to enjoy. This is not to mention the beauty and serenity of the Deering Estate’s unobstructed Bayfront vista that is second to none in South Florida!

Having this treasure is a true testament to the community leaders who got together back in 1985 when this property was being considered for sale and saved it for future generations to enjoy. I salute them and I’m proud to salute the Deering Estate’s 30th Anniversary by joining them in this race!

Now I am challenging all of you to do the same to help the Deering Estate Foundation raise funds that are continuously needed for the stewardship of this community asset!

Participating is EASY!
Go online to http://www.deeringestate.org/raceto30/ or get out your checkbook. Make a $30 Contribution in honor of Deering’s 30th Anniversary. Take a selfie and share in on Facebook and Twitter with #RaceToRaise30 and challenge your friends to do the same.

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  1. Maria McDonald | August 1, 2016 at 4:22 pm | Reply

    Great article, Grant. It is a wonderful place.

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