Homestead Police Department Traffic Unit Recognized by Councilman Burgess

homestead traffic unitDuring the August 2014 Special Council Presentation, Councilman Jon Burgess recognized The Homestead Police Department’s Traffic Unit for winning two prestigious awards from the Florida Law Enforcement Liaison Program (LEL).

The LEL program is sponsored by the Florida Department of Transportation and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The goal of the LEL program is to reduce traffic related fatalities and injuries by working with law enforcement agencies across the state.

The award winning traffic motor unit received first place in the Florida Law Enforcement Challenge for their efforts in enforcing and educating the public about occupant protection, impaired driving, speeding, and other areas of traffic safety. They also received second place in the Florida Motor Unit Challenge which rewards motor units that increase enforcement efforts to improve traffic safety by reducing crashes and increasing seat belt usage rates on Florida’s roadways.

“It’s always great to stand up here among these courageous officers that safeguard us and hold themselves to the highest standards,” said Councilman Jon Burgess who presented the team with certificates of appreciation. “What they do requires a fierce commitment and, as a custodian of this city as well as a resident, I take great personal pride in the police force we have assembled.”
In the year 2013, a total of 10,739 citations were issued by the unit including 1463 seat belt infractions, 1661 for speeding, 131 involving motorcycles, 71 Special Enforcement Details, 479 for distracted driving and 349 for operating a vehicle while impaired (DUI). Of the Traffic Unit officers responsible for the award, Officer Alejandro Murguido was the top producer with 91 arrests, 1921 citations and 219 crash investigations. The other officers were Sergeant Thomas Surman, Officer John Buchanan, Officer John Truex, Officer Victor Agosto and Officer Jean Luc Binnert.

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