Seminole Theater Grand Opening Ceremony




“A little project with a whole lot of heart”; That’s how Kristina Sosa, Project Engineer at the Seminole Theater, described this challenging project. After only 7 months of construction, the theater was inaugurated on time, thanks to the many sleepless nights and the herculean effort of our MCMers: Juan Campos, Wayne Smith, John Jackson, Joshua Yates, Glenda Secola, Arezki Djerroud and Kristina Sosa.

Their dedication to the project ensured that this historical facility was ready for its grand opening ceremony, which occurred last Wednesday. Their hard work, along with the commitment of all sub-contractors involved earned us widespread recognition from Homestead Officials such as Mayor Jeffrey Porter, who praised MCM: “MCM and Jorge Munilla are awesome…! Pat yourselves in the back, this is a great Theater”. Vice-Mayor Steve Shelley also publicly thanked MCM for “working tirelessly to fulfill the Mayor’s promise to the Homestead people”.

The Ceremony was heartfelt and very animated, as all Homestead residents were invited to participate to celebrate the well-earned success of the MCM team. The party was filled with many entertaining acts, such as acrobats, fire-breathers and decorative neon colors. Congratulations to the Seminole Theater Team on a happy client and a job well done!

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