Trouble in Redland

Photo Source: Edible South Florida

A small group of wealthy farmers are trying to hijack the Ag Practices Board for their own avaricious interests. The Ag Practices Board is no longer representing the interests of our small farms and horticultural enterprises in Redland Farm Area. This group of large land owners seem willing to sabotage Agricultural land by supporting the agendas of aggressive developers who are relentless in their efforts to annihilate Agricultural zoning and move the Urban Development Boundary.

They would have you believe that Agriculture in S. Dade is on the way out.  On the contrary, Agricultural and Horticulture are thriving. The average size of a farm or grove is 7.2 acres. And many successful farms are just under 5 acres. Ornamental foliage is a booming business and those growers have no representation on the Ag. Practices Board!

Some Ag. Board members are attempting to reject the recommendations of the Urban Expansion Area Task Force, which stated that Redland Farm Area must be protected from development, and our wetlands must be protected as a watershed for our future supply of drinking water.

Rejecting the Task Force recommendations would jeopardize the future of Agriculture and Horticulture in this county and it would seriously imperil our fresh water resources.

Also, our agricultural areas have no infrastructure to support development. Our roads cannot support the traffic that follows development. Farm vehicles travel slowly and their drivers are endangered by the type of traffic development brings. Our schools do not have the capacity to accommodate an influx of more students and there is not enough police and fire support.

Everyone interested in preserving the long-term viability of horticulture and agriculture in South Dade, preserving rural life, fresh water, the integrity of our schools and green open spaces, should attend the Ag Practices Board Meeting December 4th located at Cooperative Extension Service (Ag Extention): 18710 SW 187 Ave.  at   9:00 AM.

We need to preserve Redland agriculture and horticulture. We need to protect our nearby wetlands for fresh water resources.

And we need to protect the Urban Development Boundary. Hold the Line!

We need more signatures to present to the Miami-Dade County Commission.

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Pat Bonner Milone
Redland, Florida 33030

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  1. Great article, Pat
    Who are these owners…their names should be made public. Greedy developers and landowners are ruining our way of life in South Florida.

  2. The Ag Extension office is located at 18710 sw 288 St. The article has the incorrect address, FYI for anybody looking to attend

  3. They just don’t care if it’s wrong, or harmful. They care about the almighty dollar. But focus your attention on the powers that be who approve the petitions for massive development. These are the real villains. They are elected to represent the citizens of Miami-Dade County. That does not always mean the best decision should be determined by how much money it will bring in. I am a native of Miami and a real estate broker. I understand the draw of a sale as much as anyone. But if we destroy the last bastion of beauty and nature in our area, what good is it? Maybe we should require that commissioners and developers be educated in environmental issues and tested… It will never happen. My heart hurts for the loss of memories of picking fresh veggies in the Redland, of roadside markets that sprang to life in the cooler months, and of buying local produce in the stores.

  4. Those wealthy” farm ownwers have much to regret if agriculture acreage goes down in Miami Dade. Future changes in Federak law will open huge mountains of revenue for anyone properly prepared. This biggest preparation is land ownership.

  5. I am all for no changes that are going to make us better under the guise of development. I like the Redlands just the way it is now. Why would we want to ruin a great place that provides some peace and traffic free space to over populate and eventually doom. How can I help.

  6. Leave the Redlands alone. It’s land and water must be protected at all expense. They want to destroy it and have it look like Kendall??


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