Vice Mayor Burgess Recognizes Officer Wayne Rogers’ Support of Local Underprivileged Children with a Gift of Free Haircuts


Vice Mayor Jon Burgess took time at the Special Presentations on September 25th to recognize Officer Wayne Rogers, who gave a special gift to 50 underprivileged children in the community. At the beginning of the school year, Officer Rogers made it possible for the youth to receive haircuts. 

 Officer Rogers began with the Homestead Police Department in February 2017 as a reserve police officer. In January 2018, he became a full-time police officer.

 Noting how he had learned of Officer Rogers’ not-so-random act of kindness, Vice Mayor Burgess said, “This was brought to my attention by Col. Kennedy and Lt. Owens. This is about one of the Chief’s men and all the hard work he instills in his men.” He then invited Officer Rogers, along with Chief Rolle and Lt. Owens to join him at the front of the Council Chambers. 

 Vice Mayor Burgess said, “Officer Rogers went to the trouble of finding these children and getting them time at a local barber shop. Our police officers are out working hard every day, but they’re also looking out for the community, including members of our community that might not have the same opportunities that other people have in life.”

He shared how Officer Rogers partnered with Enrique “Tito” Rivera at Work of Art Barbering, adding, “They took two days and made sure they did 50 haircuts for the youth that needed them.” Officer Rogers also contributed $1250 to fund the kids’ haircuts.

Vice Mayor Burgess then presented Officer Rogers with an outstanding service plaque in recognition of his dedication to the youth of the community.

 Accepting the honor, Officer Rogers said being recognized “was not what it was about” for him. He explained that one day while driving in his patrol car, he had felt called to do this for the youth. 

 He acknowledged Tito, who had “sacrificed his chair” for two days, including on a Sunday, “when most barbers don’t work.” He added, “The other cool thing is the word got out and I started getting cash donations from other officers in the department. It wasn’t just me — it was a department effort.”

 Vice Mayor Burgess concluded, “To show that kind of community help and spirit to the kids is what’s needed in this world. I certainly appreciate everything that you did and I know the kids appreciated going to school looking sharp.”

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