De Mayo Farm


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De Mayo Farm is home to national and regional champion Paso Finos.  Mario Hernandez (Mayito), is the hands-on manager and owner of this premier Paso Fino facility ensuring individualized care and attention of his boarders’ horses.  Mayito is extremely knowledgeable in the care and training of the specialized breed of gaited horses, the Paso Fino (meaning “fine gate”).

The Paso Fino is a naturally gaited, light horse originating in Spain and later being imported to the Caribbean.  In addition to being a significant breed in equine competitions, Paso Finos are popular for pleasure riding as they are known for their smooth, natural, four-beat, lateral, ambling gait. Riding them is often compared to gently rocking in a rocking chair.  Whether watching a Paso Fino competition, or seeing them on a riding trail, they are beautiful, fine boned horses with an extremely even, controlled gate.  They are the Flamenco dancers of the equine community, and De Mayo Farm houses and trains some of the best.

In addition to their amazing Paso Finos, Mayito and Vivian breed adorable mini donkeys.  Too cute to just drive by when they are young, you can often find folks pulled off the road at the side of Mayito’s pasture feeding them carrots.  It’s a pleasure to see the smiles on the faces of children and adults alike when these cuties walk over to them for some bites of carrot. The farm has also recently added a gorgeous miniature horse stallion who can win over anyone’s heart. 

In the heart of Horse Country for over 20 years, De Mayo Farms offers boarding and training in an ambient tropical garden setting full of fine horses and friendly, fun loving people.  Mayito and his lovely wife, Vivian revel in the agricultural nature of Horse Country, and raised a wonderful family on their beautiful farm.  Today, their children, nine grandchildren and countless friends join in many family friendly celebrations there spreading the loving family feeling the Hernandez family is known for to everyone who visits.

In addition, Mayito, Vivian, their family and his staff have always been avid supporters in our efforts to Keep Horse Country Green.

De Mayo Farm

Friendly people. Great facility. Beautiful, champion horses.

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