Father and Son: The Ultimate Team for Success in Treating Pain


For some fathers, allowing their son to take a lead role in a company they founded can be a difficult pill to swallow. Not the case for Dr. Ramon Castellanos. Witnessing his 29-year-old son Ramon Emilio excel in biomedical engineering has been such a source of pride and inspiration, he can’t usher him in quick enough – as his partner at USA StemCell.

Together, the father and son have a plan to meet the growing demand for regenerative medicine head on – utilizing Biologics – with the senior Castellanos as the seasoned midfielder and his son coaching the team on the latest advances in the field. Biologics are a special class of effective drugs that can slow or even stop the progression of joint damage.

Dr. Castellanos is an Orthopedic Physician, board certified in pain man- agement and rehabilitation. As Founder and Medical Director at USA StemCell, his practice offers a full spectrum of regenerative medicine including stem cells from fat, bone marrow, and platelet rich plasma (PRP). Also, most recently, the office is now using exosomes from placenta and umbilical cord.

Stem cells have the ability to develop into many different cell types in the body and in the process, they can restore and regenerate, making them a powerful tool in pain management.

“Ramon Emilio has been with USA StemCell just about his whole life,” says Dr. Castellanos.“He was always in and out of the practice when he was young, but especially during his college years, when he started working more with the staff noticing how things in this field are changing.”

Sons learn from their fathers.Wheth- er it’s how to tie a tie or catch a ball – and then sometimes, they take the ball and run with it.

After earning his undergraduate degree in biomedical engineering from Florida International University, Ramon Emilio started working even closer with his dad on a large number of projects. The more they par tnered, the more they realized the best scenario would be for Ramon Emilio to go for his PhD, so that he could continue serving as his father’s consultant at the practice – and someday even taking over the practice entirely.

“We clearly saw the need for him to go forward in order to get the inside scoop on where cell therapy is going right now and where it will go in the future,” said Dr. Castellanos.This means, while away at college Ramon Emilio will continue to be the connection between the research and “the bench” back in Miami at USA StemCell.

“As advances in the field and new research are occurring, Ramon Emilio will be able to advise, in real time, what is coming down the pipe. He will be uniquely positioned to tell us what is safe and effective, what is most economical, and what we should pursue here at this practice,” says dad.

It appears the Castellanos are step- ping things up to the next degree – quite literally – as Ramon Emilio departs the South Miami practice this fall to pursue his four-year PhD at the University of Virginia.

“I actually believe that fathers and sons are the ultimate pairing for business success,” says Dr. Castellanos,“Despite what some people say about millenials and the so-called ‘Generation Me,’ from my perspective, they seem to be an exceptionally generous generation that holds great promise for improving the world…

“Case in point, my son.”

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