Update: Sweetwater continues joint efforts with F.I.U. as partners to take parts of Westchester and Fontainebleau

As you have read in previous editions of our update, the City of Sweetwater has been secretly planning for almost three years to expand its borders to take not only the Dolphin Mall in Doral, which they took last year, but also to expand into Fontainebleau and Westchester to take political control of these two communities and their economic base.

We have now uncovered evidence that the current President of Florida International University was in fact aware of Sweetwater’s plans and participated with their Mayor directly or indirectly to discuss the future of both these communities. They have never held public hearings in Fontainebleau or Westchester to inform the voters and taxpayers in both of those communities of their plan.

The City of Sweetwater finally submitted their annexation application package on September 6th, but omitted any areas containing registered voters from Fontainebleau or Westchester for now, since they know the voters would vote down this take over. So the only basis for the current annexation application is a letter from FlU President Mark Rosenberg dated March 27, 2012 where he expresses strong support for the City of Sweetwater’s annexation of a portion of the Community of Fontainebleau’s territory.

Without F.I.U.’s letter, the City of Sweetwater would have no standing to present this proposal because they omitted the residents and the only property owner for now is the Universityl They ignored the fact that the residents of Fontainebleau already had a MAC or application to incorporate into a city from about 10 years ago and that F.I.U. created a boundaries conflict where none had existed until this hostile annexation proposal was presented by F.I.U. and Sweetwater as co-conspirators. The letter is addressed to the Board of County Commissioners. Although the letter is from March 27, it was never sent to the Commissioners.

Now, it appears in the F.I.U. Annexation package. They seem to be conspiring and negotiating in secrecy to take portions of District 10 that belong to Fontainebleau and Westchester. This is unethical and immoral! For a package
containing the F.I.U. letter, Sweetwater Annexation documents, Herald Articles and more… Contact me at javiersouto@miamidade.gov or call my office at (305) 222-2116.

The City of Sweetwater wants to incorporate FIU’s College of Engineering and Computing Campus into their City’s jurisdiction, as well as expand the City of Sweetwater Police jurisdiction on Flagler from 110 Avenue to 102 Avenue.

Also, Sweetwater wants to incorporate SW 8th Street, or Tamiami Trail, from the Florida Turnpike East to SW 102 Avenue into their City’s jurisdiction, so they can expand the City of Sweetwater Police Jurisdiction on Tamiami Trail. With their ultimate sights on incorporating Florida International University and Tamiami Park into the City of Sweetwater, as well as all the commercial property fronting Tamiami Trail and SW 107″ Avenue, ultimately they will try to swallow Westchester into Sweetwater.

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