A unique evening of art and dining scheduled on Dec. 18

Artist David Schor is pictured with his painting, Boy on the Rock.

Artist David Schor is pictured with his painting, Boy on the Rock.

Internationally collected artist David Schor, a resident of Palmetto Bay, and Pasta Del Giorno Restaurant, located at 8739 SW 136 St., across from The Falls, have combined to present a unique evening of art, cuisine and a special mixture of fun, entertainment and excitement.

On Tuesday, Dec. 18, the dining room of Pasta Del Giorno Restaurant will become a combination art gallery, auction house and, of course, private dining room.

As many as 30 couples, wine glasses in hand will circle the room, examining artist David Schor’s original paintings, making notes on their programs as they go: the coast of southern France, waves breaking on the rocky shore of Italy, a Key West sunset, impressionistic paintings that capture the artist’s love of sailing — and many others.

David Schor — whose collectors are from as varied locations as Italy, France, Australia, Germany, Holland, and throughout the USA — has assembled an array of his paintings from many locations, worldwide, which will fascinate the attendees.

Once a sumptuous four-course meal with wine has begun, each piece of art will be brought to the spot-lit main easel where the artist will explain the painting and its history.

Before the first of the delicious courses will be served, the excitement will begin. Announcing that live bidding would take place for the painting on display, the artist will launch into a humorous, yet effective imitation of a professional auctioneer.

The bidding on each painting will end with a very excited winner being cheered with enthusiastic applause from everyone.

Schor is the artist who created the original paintings for the YMCA of the USA’s “Four Values” and for the Rotary International’s “Four Way Test” as well as the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce, all of which have been published worldwide.

For information regarding the upcoming dinner showing or to make a reservation, contact Pasta Del Giorno at 305- 969-0075.

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