BIP pairs emerging tech with indie artists/brands

The Brand Incubator Program (, a digital brand product “accelerator” that pairs emerging technology with the passion of independent artists/brands, has opened offices in Kendall.

BIP was co-founded by RealityBoost (, one of the country’s leading developers of augmented reality (AR) mobile apps, and Andy Toonz Studios (, creator of Farm Toonz, an interactive and educational app for kids.

“The mission of the Brand Incubator Program is to speed up the growth of independent brands/startups and to develop a vibrant technology-infused ‘indie’ brand community,” said BIP president Betty Flores, co-owner of Andy Toonz Studios. “This, in turn, can create high-skill, highwage jobs in industries that drive the local economy.”

Farm Toonz, Andy Toonz Studios’ first app, is a free interactive educational app — with no inapp purchases — that has enjoyed tremendous success. It has been one of the top educational apps on iTunes since its inception.

According to Edwin Rivera, president of RealityBoost — which has helped develop AR experiences for major brands such as Evy of California, Disney Consumer Products, Walmart and Marvel — his company and Andy Toonz are a natural “fit” to found the BIP. The next Andy Toonz Studios educational app is expected to contain augmented reality, providing the opportunity for some of Andy Toonz Studios’ whimsical characters to “come alive” on mobile devices.

“Miami is such a unique place right now in regards to both art and technology,” Rivera said. “We have the eMerge Americas conference (May 2-6) on the horizon and, of course, we’re home to Art Basel. At the same time, our two companies each bring a unique skill set to the Brand Incubator Program. RealityBoost will provide emerging technology and mentor brands in regards to tech adoption while Andy Toonz Studios will provide mentoring for brands and artists.”

Rivera noted that while RealityBoost and Andy Toonz Studios are founding partners in the Brand Incubator Program, other companies are scheduled to join the BIP during the first quarter of 2014.

“The Brand Incubator Program has a partnerships with our community to provide technology leadership and mentorship programs as well as in-kind services and benefits like office space and a positive growth environment to develop brands and product start-ups in Miami,” Flores said.

For more information, contact Flores at or 305-356-7680.

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