Christopher Columbus High School – Statement Regarding Prom 2018

Christopher Columbus High School
3000 SW 87
th Avenue, Miami , FL  33165


May 14, 2018

Statement Regarding Prom 2018

As a school community, we regret the decision to have had live animals at our prom.  This incident in no way reflects our school’s Marist values and/or accomplishments of our young men nor our sensitivity to animal rights.  We will immediately evaluate our current policies and procedures regarding all school activities and events. We can assure the Columbus community and all who have expressed concern, that we are sorry.  We have learned a great deal from this experience.

David Pugh


Christopher Columbus High School

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7 Comments on "Christopher Columbus High School – Statement Regarding Prom 2018"

  1. It is really a shame that Christopher Columbus has to succumb to the weakness in our society. I hope we are teaching our boys that we should not have to apologize when you have done nothing wrong. Those offended by the act are the ones with the problem. It sickens me that we are changing this world to coddle the weak!

    Please do not let society change the way we educate and influence our boys!

    Tigers pace at the zoom and the circus- THIS IS RIDICULOUS!

    • Betty Brown | May 15, 2018 at 1:33 pm | Reply

      What an idiot you are. May I please come and lock you and your small mind in a small locked cage for a while?

  2. Moronic move. Mindless misfits.

  3. This is when you know the parents pay too much for tuition. No humility or humanity from the catholic school. Eccentricity and status. Greed and Pride. Good Luck!

  4. Christian values??? Do unto others??? Maybe your decision making staff should be locked a tiny cage and then rolled into a loud room with lights flashing, people laughing and taking pictures, and just general showing zero regard for your well being. This goes beyond poor judgement….this is just straight up cruelty. You should step down from your position….unless this is the example you are ok with setting for your students. Your values are completely off kilter.

  5. Ivette Dilan | May 14, 2018 at 11:20 pm | Reply

    How could you not see that having a tiger at a prom just wasn’t a smart decision. Not to mention we live now in an era which frowns on any forms of animal abuse.

  6. Marielena del Calvo Rodriguez | May 15, 2018 at 2:37 am | Reply

    Terrible to have live animals in a graduation ball. I’m really surprise of the Maristas education. That would not happen with a Jesuit education

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