“El Malecon”-The levee a very popular location in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

A very good half Dominican friend and I are usually together when it’s time to discuss the notorious question “What are we going to eat?” We always bring up Dominican food. But this cuisine is very hard to find in my neighborhood. I also never tried a cuisine from this Caribbean region island, and me being a foodie I was destined to see what the hype was all about.

One day I was doing my usual internet browsing and came across an ad that said “New Dominican restaurant opens in Kendall” Ohemgee, yep I said it. I couldn’t believe my eyes; I immediately hit up my friend and passed along the news. In a matter of a week there we were sitting in a small wooden table for four, just us two. As I glanced at the plethora of offerings they had on the menu it definitely took me a while to figure out what I wanted to eat. Everything from Pollo Rellenos, to varieties of Mofongo, Mangu, Sancochos and Quipe. I went ahead and ordered the Pollo Relleno con Camarones, (Chicken stuffed with Shrimp), just so I can get the best of both worlds, and also try a dish that I’ve never had. When my plate arrived, I couldn’t wait to dig in. The plate was presented as a very big piece of chicken, 4-6 very large shrimp around it and dripping in this delectable red sauce. Not to mention the dish also came with Arroz con Habichuelas (Red Beans and Rice), Tostones, Salad, and I also ordered an Ensalada Aguacate con Salsa.

Wow! If this wasn’t a feast, I don’t know what is. The food was so flavourful and full of Dominican soul. All in all I recommend you and everyone else you know to try it. It’s located in Kendall off Miller Drive. For me that is very close to home, if you’re not that close I do recommend the drive over, it’s worth every fume of gas, penny, and energy. Pricing was very reasonable for the amount of food that was provided.

The restaurant is located at: 5791 SW 137 Ave Miami, FL 33183

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