Escaping to Spain is as easy as a drive down N. Kendall Drive to 100 Montaditos


Guitarist and vocalist Roberto Hernandez, Flamenco Dancer Alessandra Torres, and Miami tourists Walter and Judy Morgan celebrate a night of Spanish culture at 100 Montaditos.

“100 Montaditos” is the new Spanish born franchise at 10501 North Kendall Drive. The restaurant and bar is enjoying such a good run since opening, they are offering complimentary Flamenco dance performance shows for patrons on every other Friday night.

“We wanted to thank the community for the great support in our first year,” said Canary Islands, Spain born co-owner Daniel Alonso, “and hope that area residents and business owners continue to come out and enjoy what we have to offer.”

The authentic flavors and aromas of Spain are what 100 Montaditos has to offer according to Alonso and partner Carlos Calero. “To eat, drink, and enjoy the dinner table among family and friends with good music…this is the Spanish lifestyle we are trying to share.”

The Flamenco troupe performs regularly in Doral. They were recruited for the North Kendall Drive location by Alonso and Calero. Guitarist and musician is Roberto Hernandez, dancers are Alessandra Torres, Anisley Garcia and Jose Luis Uz.

“The dance gets into your soul the first time you step inside it,” said dancer Alessandra Torres. “It is a disciplined yet free form of dance that originated with the gypsies in the south of Spain. Flamenco is a celebration of life…its joys and sorrows.”

Performances are 45 minutes long and the first one begins at 8:30pm with an intermission prior to the second show. The traditional wood stage creates the resonant clicks from the dancer’s boot heals that are so much a part of the sound and flow of the Flamenco.

“There are many types of Flamenco dance,” said performer Anisley Garcia. “The Fandango, Solea, Sevillanos; all are different rhythms but equally passionate.”

Dancer Jose Luis Uz trained formally in Ballet and Flamenco in Cuba before arriving in the United States. He discovered right before graduating that his grandmother Clara Soila was a famous ballerina.

“I suppose my passion comes partly from my genes but Flamenco has a universal appeal,” said Uz. “One can escape the frustrations of daily life in the dance. The range of emotions called for in a performance offer a kind of salve for helping one cope and lift off. It’s better than yoga.”

Alonso and Calero also invite patrons of 100 Montaditos to not just enjoy the economic and tasty tapas style Spanish sandwiches,wines and beers but to spend some time in the outdoor terrace. Games and events are broadcast on a giant outdoor TV screen.

Santa Rosa Beach residents Judy and Walter Morgan celebrated their three year wedding anniversary at a recent Flamenco performance while vacationing with family in Miami. “We had a chance to experience the classic mix of South Florida culture through the beauty of the Flamenco performance,” said Judy. “The food was great and the staff was so attentive. It was an amazingly special night.”

100 Montaditos  is located at 10501 N Kendall Dr., Miami FL 33176. For more information, go to or call (305) 271-1802.

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