FIU trustees okay making all campuses smoke free

By Madeline Baro….
The Florida International University (FIU) Board of Trustees recently approved a regulation that will make the university smoke- and tobacco-free, effective in January 2011.
Smoking and the use of tobacco products will be prohibited on all university-owned properties, including Modesto A. Maidique (South) Campus, Biscayne Bay Campus, Engineering Campus, recreational facilities, residential facilities, and parking lots and garages. Tobacco use in vehicles that are on FIU-owned properties also will be prohibited.
“This regulation is truly a reflection of our commitment to environment and health,” said Rosa Jones, vice president for Student Affairs. “The smoke and tobacco-free initiative will help us build a healthier university.”
Jones noted that enforcement of the regulation should come after a six to eight-month period of giving support to students, faculty and staff, that will incorporate smoking cessation services and resources.
With the vote, FIU becomes the second public university in the state to implement a tobacco-free initiative. University of Florida enacted such a policy earlier this year. In approving the regulation, FIU joins a growing national trend. There are now at least 420 universities around the country with smoke-free campuses, including residential housing where it exists, according to the American Nonsmokers’ Rights Foundation.
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3 Comments on "FIU trustees okay making all campuses smoke free"

  1. It’s the Nanny State gone wild: “Tobacco use in vehicles that are on FIU-owned properties also will be prohibited”. In their car a person is in their personal space and the university has no right regulating a legal activity in an individual’s private and personal space. Besides a car’s emissions on campus are vastly more dangerous to the health of others than the smoke of a cigarette escaping into the atmosphere from a private car.

    This regulation will be shot down by the courts if someone challenges this. Similarly, they cannot prohibit someone from smoking in their room. The student is renting that room and they have a right to their privacy. I can’t wait till a student gets mugged or hit by a car because they have to step outside campus at 11 o’clock at night to have a cigarette.

  2. Anyone else see irony in “420 universities around the country with smoke-free campuses”

  3. lol

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