Go braless again

 Dr. WolfDr. Wolf,

I had my breast implants done several years ago and then I had a child. I did breast feed for approximately six months. Now, my nipples appear to be much longer than they used to be. I like to wear shirts without a bra and now I’m uncomfortable doing so. Is there anything I can do?

The best procedure to solve this problem is a nipple reduction. This procedure should be done by a plastic surgeon who has a vast experience with breast surgery. Nipple reduction can be performed alone or with other breast procedures. It can be done with local anesthesia, intravenous (IV) sedation or general anesthesia. In essence, it is a relatively simple procedure, but it must be done correctly to achieve the best results.

Go Braless Again

To start the procedure, the epithelium (skin) around the base of the nipple is stripped. It is important that this be done correctly so that no cysts develop post-operatively. After stripping the skin, the nipple is gently pushed into the breast and the nipple is positioned where the skin was removed. Because the skin of the nipple heals so well, there’s generally no scars. The sensitivity of the nipple is retained because the nerve endings are not affected. Sutures are generally absorbed and do not need to be removed.

Nipple reduction is a very satisfying procedure for patients. Recovery is usually uneventful, and you can resume your South Beach lifestyle in approximate two to three weeks!

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