Killian/Shula Interchange still a ‘work in progress’

Now overdue by four months, completion of the new Shula Expressway Killian Parkway interchange at SW 107th Avenue still is anticipated for this “spring.”

Four months beyond an anticipated 18- to 24-month completion schedule, the contract has cost some $1.8 million over the original contract estimate.

“The contractor is currently finalizing on paving the final layer of asphalt, called the friction course,” explained Mario A. Diaz, public information officer for the Miami-Dade Expressway Authority (MDX).

“Once this is completed and the new asphalt layer settles, final striping of the roadway will be installed,” Diaz said. “This should all be completed by the end May. Paving on Killian Parkway is complete and pavement markings are being installed.

“In the mean time, the project inspectors are reviewing and final inspecting work that has already been completed, but we anticipate that all work will have final inspection by the end of spring.”

The MDX continues to release weekly traffic advisories of street lane and ramp closings in the area.

An Apr. 20-29 document listing nine ramp closures, two street closures and one detour. Those closures are required primarily for the new asphalting expected for a May completion.

An MDX announcement for the SR 874/Shula Expressway and Killian Parkway Capacity Improvements initially pegged project cost at $61.5 million, prior to actual bidding and a contract award, wound up at $68.1 million as of Feb. 1.

Final project cost is now estimated at near $70 million.

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