KRMC program gives students taste of day in life of a nurse

By Ann Briggle….

Irma Torres, RN, explains the surgical procedures, instruments and role of the OR nurse, as students visit an operating room.

Kendall Regional Medical Center recently hosted 10 students from Miami Senior High School, along with their instructor, Natasha Gousse-Turner, for a “Day in the Life of a Nurse” activity.

The hospital has been participating in the annual event for the past 10 years and staff was excited to be able to share its passion for nursing with a future generation.

The day consisted of department tours and presentations allowing students to experience what it’s really like to be a nurse. Hilda Brito, RN, director of Education, and Faranak Kashanian, RN, kicked off the program by taking the students on a tour throughout the hospital.

The tour provided the students with an overview of the various clinical nursing specialties. Each nurse manager or designee spoke to the students about his/her specialty. Prior to entering the operating room, the students wore white peri-operative jumpsuits (referred to as “bunny suits”).

Irma Torres, RN, explained the surgical procedures, instruments and role of the OR Nurse.

“Since the patient is unconscious, the nurse is the patient advocate in the OR. I make sure the patient’s privacy is always protected.”

Bertfred Gonzalez, RN, provided an overview of the pre-holding area of peri-operative nursing. Lina Utrera, RN, director of PACU, Outpatient and Endoscopy, spoke about the phases involved in the Post Anesthesia Recovery of patients after surgery. Being a Miami Senior High School graduate herself, she bonded with the students.

Danaliz Figueroa, RN, tried to recruit all the students into the Emergency Department with her contagious enthusiasm about the nursing profession. Other nurse directors who toured their areas and spoke to the group included Carmen Hamilton, RN; Zenaida Ferro-Rodriguez, RN; Mayra Espinosa-Ake, RN, and Claudiane Recio, RN.

Once all were gathered in the auditorium for lunch, Agatha Samuel, RN, chief nursing officer, welcomed the students and conveyed her love and commitment to nursing. The students were then given the opportunity to watch the Johnson and Johnson video, “Campaign for Nursing.”

Other nurses addressed the group in order to inform the students about career opportunities in nursing specialties outside the clinical area, such as Tameika Anderson, RN, Clinical Informatics; Carol Naples, RN, Case Management, and Odalis Herrera, RN, Orthopedic Navigator. Alina Rosquete, nurse recruiter, concluded the presentation with interviewing tips for the students and useful information for job hunting.

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