Under the Sun Art & Music Festival

New Art and Music Festival Hits Miami in 2015


Under the Sun Art & Music FestivalThe Under the Sun Art & Music Festival ,  boasting 300-plus artists backed by local business and corporate sponsors, will showcase 17 high school bands and choirs and a spectacular art exhibition on Sunday, Feb. 1, 2015 at Tropical Park, 7900 S. W. 40 St.

Open to the public without charge, the all-day event will begin at 9:30 a.m. and continue to 5:30 p.m. as Miami-Dade’s newest art and musical festival combining outstanding musical talent and an eclectic art and crafts exhibits, varying from classical oils to contemporary limited edition pieces. Food vendors will offer varied refreshments throughout the day.

“The Festival has been planned as an outstanding opportunity for artists to exhibit their works at an extremely low cost in a tented walk-through area,” commented Adam Brand, Festival Director and owner of Frames USA & Art Gallery, 6822 S. W. 40 St., now celebrating its 20th business year.

A nominal early $59 registration fee guarantees participating artists a spot in the show, “a fraction of costs normally charged for large, outdoor festivals,” Brand said. “With a February date, we are counting on clear skies and perfect weather for that weekend, proven as one of best for attracting overflow seasonal visitors as well as local music fans and art aficionados.”

“Placement of the ‘Under the Sun Art & Music Festival’ in the front of one of Miami-Dade’s largest district parks also provides an easily-accessed venue with plenty of parking, as well as adding a refreshing new look to an older setting for the event,” he stated.

“The Festival goal is to bring the community together by providing lower cost for artistic display while highlighting outstanding student musical talent that rarely has the chance for exposure outside of the school area each represents,” Brand said.

Artists are urged to make early space reservations and business or corporations interested in sponsorships can get full details by visiting <www.UnderTheSunArtandMusicFestival.com>. Information is available by tel. at 305-666-3355. Advertisements in Community Newspapers, print media sponsor, also carry Festival details weekly.

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