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I went to see two different dentists after my crown fell off because of there was decay underneath it. But now I am really confused because I received two different opinions. One dentist wants to extract the tooth and the other told me it should be saved. Can you please help me with this decision?

If you have good bone support, then you should try to keep the tooth. On the other hand, if you are very susceptible to tooth decay, then take it out and replace it with an implant and crown, not a bridge. Implants do not decay.

We have been doing implants for more than 25 years, but, as periodontists, we are specifically trained to save teeth. In your case, a procedure known as “crown lengthening” may be performed. This procedure provides a more solid tooth structure for your dentist to grab on to after eliminating the decay. If the decay is very deep, you may also need a root canal. Bottom line, keep the tooth if at all possible.
My boyfriend says when he kisses me he tastes blood. I looked in my mouth and saw what looks like a pimple on my upper gum, near a molar. What is going on? I am generally healthy.

What you describe as a pimple sounds like an infection that is trying to drain. There can be both pus and blood involved. Please see a dentist who can determine the root of this infection. You may have an infected nerve in your tooth, or you may have gum and underlying bone disease. Please don’t ignore it. The infection is entering your bloodstream, and you’re swallowing it and transferring it to your boyfriend as well. Both you and he will be much better off, and happier once you eliminate this problem.

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