Resident launches company producing apps for resorts

Resident launches company producing apps for resorts

The Resort App Builders Customer Engagement Solution (CES) provides affordable, branded resort apps that — using the latest Bluetooth technology — enables resorts to send eye-catching messages to guests’ phones and tablets.

Resort App Builders (resortappbuilders. com), which specializes in designing app-based customer engagement programs for the hospitality industry, has launched its Customer Engagement Solution (CES), featuring customized “branded” apps.

The CES enables resorts to send eyecatching messages to guests’ phones and tablets, thus increasing in-house tours at vacation ownership resorts and incremental revenue at non-timesharing resorts.

“Resorts have been looking for an effective way to consistently communicate with in-house guests — including renters, exchangers and owners — once those guests turn down the opportunity to tour,” said Resort App Builders (RAB) president Lew Matusow, a vacation ownership and hospitality industry veteran and Kendall resident.

“Using the latest technology — known as “beacons” — our Customer Engagement Solution allows resorts to do just that,” Matusow said.

“The marketing staff can use our CES to communicate with the resort’s guests, keeping them up-to-date on the latest resort activities, discounts, owner parties, etc., to make them feel like part of the resort ‘family.’

“Among those communications will be various sales-oriented messages designed to drive them to tour. For non-timesharing resorts, messages sent can help bolster onsite revenue from gift shops, restaurants, bars and other income-producing sources,” MAtusow added.

Using the system is a simple four-step process, according to Matusow, former director of corporate communications for Miami-based Interval International.

Resident launches company producing apps for resorts

Kendall resident Lew Matusow has launched Resort App Builders, which createsapp-based Customer Engagement Solutions (CES) for the hospitality industry.

First, RAB designs a customized, branded and affordable app for the resort. The app will be available at both Google Play and The App Store.

Secondly “beacons” — small (about 2 inches long) devices that use Bluetooth technology to communicate with guests’ smartphones — are strategically placed throughout the resort complex in areas where the guests congregate. The beacons have a range of approximately 75 feet.

Thirdly, guests download the resort app. RAB has designed a variety of eye-catching marketing tools, including front desk signage and in-room signage — such as tent cards — urging guests to download the resort’s app to be kept up-to-date on resort activities.

Finally the resort, using RAB’s easy-touse online design system, designs and sends a variety of customized messages to renters, exchangers and owners.

“The branded resort app is the key to the entire engagement process with the customer,” Matusow said. “In addition to enabling resorts to communicate with guests via the beacons while the customer is on property and thus drive in-house tours, the branded app enables the resort to communicate with guests even after they have returned home.”

Using the branded app the resort can send “push messages” about special offers, discounts, etc., directly to the former visitor’s phone. This provides the resort with an ongoing method of communications with the guest on a year around basis.

“It’s like getting a ‘second bite’ at the apple,” Matusow said.

For more information, contact Matusow at 305-238-1889 or by email at

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