Rosh Hashonah at The Chabad Jewish Center in West Kendall

Rabbi Getzy & Chana Rubashkin

Rabbi Getzy & Chana Rubashkin

Found in cupboards everywhere, honey, is a staple ingredient for many people and has a special significance for the approaching Jewish New Year- Rosh Hashonah.

Honey has strong Jewish associations, like the land of Israel flowing “with milk and honey,” as quoted in the Torah. Traditionally, Jewish people dip apples into honey on Rosh Hashonah, hoping and praying for a sweet, new year to come.

The newly opened Chabad center for Jewish life in West Kendall, will host services for Rosh Hashonah in late September.

The services, which run from Wednesday evening, September 24th through September 26th, will help Jewish residents of West Kendall & The Falls celebrate the Jewish new year and start the coming 12 months anew.

It is open to members of the Jewish faith who are not members of the Synagogue, and there is no admission charge.

For more information about the High Holiday Services or to find out about activities taking place at Chabad, please visit our website or call 786-501-4072

Delicious, traditional meals will be followed after each Service.

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  1. Joanne Vicente | October 2, 2016 at 5:00 pm | Reply

    Where is it? I can’t find an address for the Rosh Hashonah services

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