Strength and courage take center stage for rising-talent following back surgery

Even as she faces serious back surgery, Georgina Paez shows amazing courage, and strength, and great optimism.

In the face of adversity, actress and dancer Georgina Paez taps into her courage  and great optimism.

Sometimes, big courage comes in small packages. That’s certainly the case with West Kendall’s Georgina Paez, a rising child star who’s character, personality, and spiritualism is shining brighter than ever – even in the face of a recent back operation.

Certainly spinal surgery is a serious procedure at any age, but for an 11-year-old little girl, it could be downright scary. But Paez possesses a rare blend of energy, innocence, and raw joy. Just hours before going into surgery, she was tapping from all available sources for her courage and bravery.

Facing the knowns – and unknowns – about this procedure, Paez says with a stunning smile and great assurance, “Good energy is my whole life – and being optimistic is everything!” For her, it’s that simple. And this amazing attitude will no doubt also serve her well through post-op recovery and physical therapy she’ll endure in coming months.

Getting to this point is a long story, even for a kid of so few years. Paez’s mother, Barbara Munoz, recounts some of her daughter’s big achievements, especially being called this year to Hollywood, Calif., to perform at iPOP.

“I am so proud to say my daughter was called out to L.A. alongside other talented kids from over 30 countries,” she said. Paez was inspired by the fashion designers, models, and actors all gaining opportunities from the world’s leading talent event attended by leading agents, managers, casting directors, and music industry professionals.

Entertainment was a very early interest for Paez. “I knew I wanted to be a superstar and so I started dancing when I was two, because it’s been my passion since I was in daycare.”

The successful outcome of iPOP in January 2017 was being cast to appear in two new musical films. Paez reflected, “I met with eight agents at iPOP. It was awesome,” she said with a gleam. “That’s how I got the “Stillborn” movie gig.” In fact, this independent horror flick lead to the second film, “Vow,” the final production in a trilogy about Paez’s character hoping her father will rescue her from kidnappers.

Moreover, the adorable whiz-kid did modeling and stage acting in Orlando, too, for The Star Movement (TSM) in May. Her performance was appreciated by talent agencies, Glitter and Manikin – both now representing Paez. TSM is a worldwide model and talent development company that concentrates on providing models and talent a quick and direct path toward becoming a working professional.

Paez was still going strong – right up to the brink of her Aug. 17 back surgery. “Sometimes in the morning, when I wake up, it hurts a lot. I have calf pain and hip pain too. But I’m still going.” “And after my surgery, I won’t be allowed to dance for a while, but I can act – and I will.”

Rising star Georgina Paez and her mother, Barbara.

Rising star Georgina Paez and her mother, Barbara.

Paez went on to express love and thanks to her mom. “I am real grateful my mother is always by my side. I remember my first time acting – I was super nervous. My mom is my biggest inspiration because she always gives me so much support. And I got third! Definitely made a difference.”

Additionally, her resolve is formed by her insight into the late Marlins pitcher, Jose Fernandez. “He got arm surgery after breaking his arm and he got stronger. And that was on his money-making arm!” Paez declared, “This is never going to affect my spirit or bring me down!”

Even at 11 years old and her all-grown-up outlooks and professional experiences in life, Paez enjoys watching baseball. Her love for the game actually comes from Fernandez. “I am really into baseball because of him.”

And she has a new obsession – unicorns. “They are so cute. For school, I have unicorn supplies and stationery. I starting sixth grade now.”

At Kendall’s Kingdom Academy, Paez is being inducted again into the National Honor Society, taking on the responsibility as Activities Chairperson, planning all the activities of the staff. She is focused on helping the community after volunteering for a pet shelter to make animals healthy.

In the future, Paez wants to promote her recent appearance in a Spanish TV commercial for Wendy’s to Telemundo talent scouts, to show them her ability to perform in Spanish speaking roles. And she wants to land even more star roles in her favorite genre, horror.

When asked about her long-term goals – which for a child of her age is just five years from now – she wants to “just continue to be awesome.”

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