Congestion Calculator Shows How the Kendall Parkway Can Recapture Valuable Time

MDX has launched a Traffic Congestion Calculator to help the public evaluate how transportation improvements can reduce the time spent getting to their destination. This tool provides a framework of the time commuters spend on a daily round trip, and translates the impacts over time on their personal and business life. The Traffic Congestion Calculator demonstrates how transportation improvements that offer even modest time savings can help recapture valuable time.

Residents of West Dade, West Kendall and South Dade, can calculate how many months and years of their life are spent in traffic with daily round trip commutes of 3 and 4 hours. The cost of time lost can be significant over an average life span of 76 years. This is lost time that you cannot recapture.

We invite the public to access the Traffic Congestion Calculator by visiting It has been provided in English and Spanish.

“The exercise of calculating time stuck in traffic is sobering, even without calculating the cost of congestion to a commuter or the economic cost to business and commerce” said MDX Executive Director, Javier Rodriguez, “but its findings can be used to show how improved commutes can be economically and personally beneficial.”

“Transportation projects that can reduce your commute times can have significant cumulative impacts on your quality of life,” Rodriguez said. “These improvements can have a momentous impact over a person’s lifetime just one year after project completion.”

The Kendall Parkway itself once built can have a reduction of travel time of 25% to 33% for West Dade and West Kendall residents. MDX is also moving forward with the implementation of an Express Bus Service on SR 836/Dolphin Expressway which will eventually extend to the Kendall Parkway providing east west and north south mobility options for commuting and travel. These short term solutions will have tremendous benefits to the community without impacting future long term plans such as the Smart Plan rail options which require state and federal funds. It is the combination of short term, intermediate term and long term transportation projects that will move us forward into the future.

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4 Comments on "Congestion Calculator Shows How the Kendall Parkway Can Recapture Valuable Time"

  1. Odalys Caballero | June 7, 2018 at 1:11 pm | Reply

    It’s going to add traffic by encouraging more development. Neighbors, please vote no!

  2. We don’t want this highway, NO HIGHWAY. Get it Carlos Giménez, people are not dumb, as you seem think they are. I am a west Kendall resident and I know this highway is not going to solve traffic because as soon as I reach the 836, it’s always congested. I can only hope you retire already and let newer generations lead the future because you are the antithesis to progress. NO to this environmental nightmare. NO to pushing your personal agenda. GET OUT.

  3. Ok so what is the solution, if we don’t want a highway? Sorry I live down there and I think this highway would make an enormous difference to the congestion on local roads. I travel 50 miles north to Broward every day and it 40% of my trip time is just trying to get to the turnpike because of how backed up the local roads are. Once you get to the turnpike however….smooth sailing. So I don’t understand the notion of more roads equals more traffic. The traffic is already here…without the proper infrastructure to support it. If we do nothing it will still get worse whether or not this highway is built because HOMES are still being built.

  4. Alexis Bonilla | June 19, 2018 at 5:30 pm | Reply

    I can understand some residents on 167 ave not wanting to see a highway from their backyard, but folks, this is badly needed. The construction they are doing on the Turnpike is not going to cut it in my opinion, because the local roads will still be a nightmare at rush hour. There needs to be another option for those living west of 137 Ave from SW 8th Street to SW 184 Street, as there are only 5 exits on the Turnpike covering that area where more than 140,000 residents (and counting) live. The Kendall Parkway is that solution. It will help to alleviate traffic on the local roads as residents west of 137 ave can get home approaching from west to east, as opposed to everyone approaching east to west from the Turnpike. This needs to happen people. I think most people living west of the turnpike, who work east of the Palmetto, will agree.

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