The Stockbroker: Insider Information exposes Wall Street’s inner workings

In her first novel, The Stockbroker: Insider Information, South Florida author J. R. Shine follows Jennifer Palmer’s initiation into the world of high finance as only an insider can reveal it.

“The novel is a romantic, fictional account of a female protagonist making her way through the complex world behind the headlines,” said Shine, whose decades of experience in the financial industry add realism to the story.

Novelist J. R. Shine launches The Stockbroker: Insider Information on Saturday, Oct. 20, 5 p.m., at Books and Books, 265 Aragon Ave. in Coral Gables.

Packed with gritty details of the backroom deals and intrigues that drive the stock market’s rollercoaster ride, the novel follows Jennifer’s shift from a privileged South Florida upbringing into the realm of exorbitant sales quotas, unprincipled coworkers, and ruthless competition.

As she is carried away by the pressures of her new career, Jennifer meets the love of her life, Javier, who introduces her to the top one percent of investors (the “elephants” everyone is after) and sends her on a dangerous asset-gathering mission to the south of France. Through Javier and his friend Mercedes, Jennifer is introduced to Palm Beach’s high society and enjoys a life of luxury until she is forced to reckon with a shocking deceit that jeopardizes everything she has gained.

Written to engage and entertain, the novel is intended for readers of any age who enjoy a mix of drama, humor, romance, and suspense. The Stockbroker: Insider Information (ISBN 1468146955) is available online at and at Books and Books, among other channels.

J. R. Shine was born and raised in South Florida, where she worked as a fashion model during high school and college. After earning a degree in economics from the University of Miami, she worked as an economist at a regional bank holding company. Currently employed by a major wire house firm, Shine has been active in the financial industry for nearly three decades. She speaks French and Spanish, has traveled extensively, and enjoys gourmet cooking, painting, gardening, and playing tennis. Active in several national charitable foundations, Shine currently lives in Miami.

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