Vote ‘YES’ on Charter Amendment 4

Voters vitally involved in local incorporations should carefully review Charter Amendment 4 on the Nov. 6 ballot. As one of 7, Amendment 4 directly affects proincorporation folks in Kendall. The Herald has editorialized that you vote “No” on Amendment 4 which reads in Part 1: “Shall the Charter be amended to require the County Commission to consider the benefits of any proposed annexation of commercial areas, when approving or authorizing an annexation.”

Now check out the second part of Amendment 4: “Establish alternative procedure for creation of new municipalities in unincorporated areas of the County by petition which provides conditions for creation of new municipalities and a single election (our bold type) to approve the creation of a new municipality and approve its Charter, instead of two elections for these purposes?”

The Herald says vote “no” because the proposition is too vague and ought to reflect a direction that removes the Commission from city affairs and point its attention to administering MIA, the Port of Miami, Sewer/Water Dept. and other countywide entities. With that, we agree. Nevertheless, Kendall incorporation folks have long pushed for simplifying the incorporation process, including a single election that stops unnecessarily delay of local voting to establish new municipalities, such as those long-advanced and still pending for The Falls and East Kendall’s Cherry Grove areas.

If you believe half a loaf is better than none, then vote “Yes” if only to get rid of some of the red tape now denying expediency to put incorporation referendums on a local ballot before the voters who should properly decide such an issue.

If you believe in more political brainstorming (or, as Plunkett of Tammany Hall used to say: “Go up in balloons to think”) you’ll probably vote “No,” hoping Commissioners may eventually streamline the incorporation process and act like a Countywide (our bold, again) Commission instead of micro-ruling cities and unincorporated areas like Kendall.

Our conclusion: Vote YES on Amendment 4. Forget the Herald.

“Horse Country proposal dropped” was the ayem papyrus headline the other day reporting that Carlos Lopez- Cantera, Sr. won’t develop a shopping plaza at an eight-acre site at the corner of Miller Drive and SW 127 Avenue. His statement said local opposing residents made it clear they did not want “the convenience” of nearby shopping services. Well, yes. That was part of it. Saving this still-uniquely pastoral farm acreage in the heart of Kendall’s suburban sprawl from encroachment by commercial enterprise, institutions or other non-farm uses is the real reason for overwhelming objections, voiced by a “clear” majority of its residents at a Council zoning hearing Sept. 27.

Bikers take note: In Coral Gables, a “Commodore Trail Bikeway” improvement is underway from S.W. 42nd Avenue (South LeJuene Road) to Aviation Avenue, including construction of a bicycle/pedestrian shared-use bridge over the Coral Gables waterway. Resurfacing the existing trail and widening portions are also planned as well as signage, landscaping and street lighting. Construction is anticipated to be completed by January 30, 2013.

Meanwhile, landscaper David Chambers is pushing for bike trail improvements in Kendall when the next BPAC meeting takes place October 23 at 5:30 p.m. on the 18th floor of the downtown Clark Government Center.

“The manager of Capitol Improvements will be attending to stir up more interests on the Snapper Creek Trail,” reports Chambers, who is also asking people to sign up with the Friends of Westchester website to protest the expansion of Sweetwater to include FIU campus areas in Commissioner Javier Souto’s district

Reminder: for those who attend Citizen Advisory Committee meetings in Kendall and Hammocks Police Districts the last Wednesday of each month, both sessions scheduled Halloween night on Oct. 31 have been moved up to Wednesday, Oct. 24, both at 7:30 p.m. Kendall CAC welcomes newcomers and members at Kendall District Station, 7707 S.W. 117 Avenue and Hammocks CAC does the same at Hammocks District Station, 142 S.W.142 Avenue. In addition to speakers on timely police subjects, residents can report any special neighborhood problems.

For information, Kendall District folks call 305-270-3874; Hammocks District: 305-383-6800. Among Halloween notes: Keiser University’s “Scare Fair” Open House from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. at the school’s new campus, 2101 N.W. 117 Avenue, just “up the road” from its former location at Town & Country Center in Kendall. Spooky foods and games promised. For details, visit

Miami-Dade College Kendall Professor of astronomy/physics Prof. Jose Orta takes visitors on a tour of the Museo de Galileo in Rome, Italy at FIU Friday, Oct. 19 at 8 p.m., having escorted student classes during an Italian tour last spring. Free program includes prizes, food, and lively discussions in CP-145 Lecture Hall, FIU Physics Building on the Main Campus. For details, call 305-661-1375 or visit

Thought of the Day:

Make no little plans; they have no magic to stir men’s blood

— Daniel Burnham

Richard Yager contributed to this column.

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