West Kendall couple designs, sells fashion jewelry

Fara Sax, designer of Van Galz Fashion Jewelry and Accessories, shows off some of her designs.

Fara Sax has always had an eye for fashion, and she always wanted to be an actress. Her goal in life was to win an Academy Award. She had no idea that she would become a jewelry designer and find as much pleasure in that profession as she did in acting.

Her journey to become a designer was unexpected. She did become an actress, working on stage and in commercials, securing parts on Miami Vice, Married to the Mob and the Fisher King.

She really loved working on stage because of the immediate audience response. Today, she gets that immediate feedback with her jewelry designs.

After leaving New York behind, Sax worked as a temporary employee at Aerothrust Corp. in Miami, where she met the love of her life Sam. It wasn’t long before they were married and had two children.

“We came from such different backgrounds,” she says. “I grew up in New York and he grew up in Israel.”

A few years ago, Sax began helping a friend sell jewelry. Sax was selling ads for a newspaper and there were times when she would call on clients and end up selling the jewelry right off her neck.

“It gave me a whole new start, a whole new career,” she says.

When her husband had to travel to Europe for a business trip, she asked him to check out jewelry manufacturing plant to see if they would work with them. Her husband came back with a necklace and Van Galz was born. They started the business at home and it grew from the kitchen to the living room and even took over the dining room. Six years ago they moved into a warehouse near Tamiami Airport where Sax creates new designs and her husband runs the business side. They go to shows to find new markets for their creations. The jewelry is brightly fashioned and trendy, yet has a vintage feel.

“We do a lot of transitional pieces where you can go from day to night,” Sax says. “I like to design for everyday use. It’s to be worn, to be enjoyed.”

She loves to use color in her designs. Her belief is that every day is a Crayola Crayon moment.

“Color creates mood,” she says.

Her designs have gone through various stages. A few years ago she embraced leather and beads and the leather and crystal collection was born.

“I like the flavor of vintage, but fashion forward,” she says.

Sax has a line inspired by her grandmother’s button collection, as well as a classic collection. She does a lot of bridal wear, items designed for the bridal party to the Mother of the Bride.

When a new concept comes to mind, she sketches it out and then sends it to the factory in Europe with specifications.

While Sax loves the creative side of the business, she is also firmly aware of who her customers are.

“What sells here is not going to sell in California,” she says. “And New York is different. Miami is bold.”

Sax says that one of the best aspects of her business is that she can connect with all types of people. She loves being able to figure out what pieces will work best for a customer.

“I am almost like a psychologist,” she says. “It has been a lot of fun.”

For more information, call 786-735-1187 or go to www.Vangalz.com.

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