5 Tips On How To Stay Focused On Stuffing Your Turkey And Not Yourself This Holiday Season


You survived the summer BBQs, beach and boat days, and even vacations.  In the face of food and drinks you managed to start a diet and work out regime and are starting to see results and now you are faced with the daunting task of getting though the holidays.  Thanksgiving is the epitome of food holidays and Christmas and Chanukah means days of sweets and celebrations.  In a few weeks you can easily undo everything you have worked so hard for.  Personal trainer Jose Lima gives you five easy tips to staying motivated during the holidays while still getting to enjoy the season of indulgence.

  • Meal plan
    Pre prepare your meals and snacks in advance and have them with you.  Try to have your meals and snacks to help you resist the temptation to indulge in the extra sweets or gorge at the company lunches. If you eat clean consistently, enjoying a special day like Thanksgiving or Christmas Eve won’t completely destroy your eating plan.
  • Burn more to Eat more
    Think of your body as a bank, if your putting calories in you must get them out! If you know you are going to have a particular day where you will be overeating you must compensate in the gym…hit it and hit it hard!
  • Don’t miss workouts
    Especially during the holidays it is important to make time to exercise even if only for 30 minutes.  Make your success a priority. Realize you may have a tight schedule between work, parties and shopping but you can find at least 30 minutes for a quick workout. Make your workouts count. Be intense and serious. Even if you can only get 30 min in it’s better than none!
  • Limit the alcohol
    Alcohol is calories and they will add up.  Just because it’s the holidays it doesn’t give you a green light to drink in excess. Prioritize the days you want to drink and set a limit or you may find yourself having a couple of drinks on most days this season.  Just adding two drinks a day add 500 calories or more to your daily caloric intake.  Stay focused on the journey!
  • Schedule your Workouts
    It is very important to schedule your workouts at the beginning of the week. Set your schedule and treat it as important as you would a work meeting. You know your work schedule at the beginning of the week and your fitness schedule should be no different.
Jose Lima
Jose Lima

Jose Lima is a certified personal trainer and the owner/operator of the Health Joint.  He has more than 18 years experience in the fitness industry and has been an owner of a fitness center for more than 14 years.  Over the past two decades, Lima has continued to hone his craft as a personal trainer while keeping up to date on the latest in his industry. Having trained more than 600 clients, Lima understands how to tailor programs to cater to clients’ personal challenges and to achieve maximum results. Lima specializes in everything from general fitness to sports-specific conditioning, such as ironman training or bodybuilding.

As owner of The Health Joint located at 8015 Bird Road, Miami, FL, Lima oversees body fat analysis and progress of clients, the quality control and instruction of trainers training techniques and daily gym maintenance.

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