Accolades For An Outstanding Medical Staff

The staff of Fresenius Medical Care located at 8770 SW 144 Street in Palmetto Bay tugs at our heart strings. We deeply appreciate and value this staff.
This dialysis team is comprised of extraordinary professionals who are in the throws of kidney disease on a daily basis. These professionals are a diverse team of highly trained and skilled individuals that exude compassion, care, concern, and listening, in dispersing the services they render.
The staff work long, twelve (12) hour shifts and musters the capacity to warmly greet and welcome each patient when they arrive for treatment. The staff is acquainted with patients  by their  name and chair assignments. After spending so much time together, the staff knows our character, preferences and lifestyle. They have become reservoirs of our medical requirements and personal needs which enables us to form our own village of trust and care.
The dialysis  staff works at a steady and hurried pace  and responds to the demands for treatment from dialysis machines, doctors, and patients. From the time we enter the treatment room, providing excellent patient care is their utmost priority.
The staff embodies teamwork and  simultaneously displays its rewards on a daily basis. The patients experience first hand the comamardiere between the nurses and technicians. The team leader, is a Charge Nurse with exceptional leadership qualities. The Charge Nurse has the  uncanny ability to resonate with people. Her soft soothing, voice calms any situation. She is very knowledgeable and never raises her voice, but is the soft voice of authority that is respected by staff, visitors, and patients. The nurses and technicians work cooperatively in concert with each other. They are attuned to the needs of each patient they are assigned. They are our advocates for care and services. Their professionalism and compassion is conveyed and engaged everyday.  As recipients of their care, we keenly appreciate and trust their care, advice and service.
Uniquely and collectively, the nurses and technicians each contribute to the successful synergy of the team.
On a daily basis, the staff receives a multitude of indigent patients that are wheelchair bound,  walker assisted or require assistance when walking. The staff  carefully and meticulously assists patients in manueuring in and out of  treatment chairs, they cover us with our blankets when we are cold, provide water when prompted, dispenses medication, consolation, comfort, encouragement and a myriad of human needs that words can not appropriately express.
Routinely, the  staff assists patients  with their personal needs and belongings. The staff folds blankets, unpacks, and re-packs personal items of patients. At the conclusion of treatment, staff carries these items out for patients. It is not unusual to observe staff members sitting in the lobby with patients after their work day has concluded. They are generally waiting with patients whose transportation has been delayed. When patients are dismayed about treatment, the staff assuage and subdues an array of personal concerns that sometimes arise during treatment. The team is also staffed with a Social Worker and  Renal Dietician who excellently contribute  in monitoring the mental health and wellness of patients.
Behind the scenes, the administrative staff, nurses, and technicians are guided and supervised by an extremely capable, polished professional, the Center Manager. The Manager directs and performs a plethora of task that benefit the uninterrupted flow of care and services.
Quality patient care and service is the goal that drives the mission of this  staff. The outstanding caliber of supervision and leadership is the pillar of this facility and surpasses expectation. The work ethics of this staff is not harnessed by a paycheck, but, patient care.
The Miriam Webster dictionary is replete with words that describe, but do not adequately convey the value, integrity, concern, compassion, knowledge, thoughtfulness and professionalism, of these extraordinary individuals.
On any given day, the staff resolves a myriad of complex problems with calm, cool, demeanors. In an atmosphere where so much distinctive and diverse medical care is undertaken. A chorus of sights and sounds of bells ringing signal the attention of the staff is needed. Instantaneously the staff maintains civility amid all the calamity.
The synergy of this staff makes all the difference when a machine is your life source. Our weekly contact with such  wonderful, care driven, humble, team of individuals makes everyone feel better, at ease, and contributes greatly to our mental stability and physical progress.
This dialysis staff personifies a TEAM (Together Each Accomplishes More).
We, the patients, the beneficiaries of this team’s phuemonal  care, salute the staff of Fresenius Medical Care for their outstanding service.!!!

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