All-Star Party World an oasis of fun and play for all ages

All-Star Party World an oasis of fun and play for all ages
All-Star Party World an oasis of fun and play for all ages
Presiding over another successful party are (l-r) All-Star Party World co-owner Jeff Cominsky, Gabriella Gorostola, Jessica Colombo and Christian Crespo.

There is an oasis of fun and play located just minutes away from The Falls shopping center — All-Star Party World, a private, 10,000-square-foot indoor recreation center ideal for almost every celebratory occasion.

Owners Jeff Cominsky and Dan Kaplan, also owner of Roasters ‘n’ Toasters, have spent the past eight months introducing their unique business to the community. Thus far, the reception has been overwhelmingly positive.

“The community has really taken to what we do,” Cominsky said. “What I’m starting to see now is parents who came as guests to a party we threw renting the space for their own kids. That by itself is an affirmation of what we’re doing.”

All-Star Party World offers space comparable to many popular family entertainment franchises with two significant differences — it is customizable and, because the entire center is used by only one party at a time, it provides renters with exclusive access to the facility. They also have a full catering menu for the adults provided by Roasters ‘n’ Toasters, a longstanding community favorite.

“All-Star Party World isn’t like other party centers where there are hundreds of kids running around that nobody knows,” he said. “It’s an exclusive, private party place that is yours for the time that you rent it. From parties for girls and boys of all ages to events for adults, we do it all.”

The center boasts three enormous play areas in which kids can enjoy Nerf Wars, baseball, bumper soccer, dodge ball, basketball, karaoke dance parties, movie parties, American Idol parties and laser tag.

Attending adults can enjoy six TVs with the latest sports entertainment, four Xbox Ones, ping pong and dominoes (which are all also available for kids upon request) while the professional, playful and attentive staff oversee the festivities which range from birthday parties and bar or bat mitzvahs to functions held by schools, teams, religious organizations and other groups.

“Our main objective for our parties is to have parents come in, enjoy their family and friends, and let us handle the party,” he said. “We cater to whatever the parents want and if they want to hand off control to the birthday boy or girl, that’s who we take direction from. It’s all up to them.”

All-Star Party World isn’t only available for special occasions. The center also runs a summer camp and, on select Fridays every month, offers “Parents’ Night Out” where kids can be dropped off for a few hours of fun and pizza, affording parents a few hours of fun themselves.

“Our Parents’ Night Out has really resonated with families in the community,” he said. “We see parents whose kids go to the same school coordinate with each other to make it so their kids can hang out with their classmates in a fun, safe environment while they hit the town.”

To commemorate this article’s publication, Cominsky would personally like to extend an invitation to readers looking for their next party destination.

“If you come to us and say you read this article, we’re more than happy to offer you a $100 discount off of your party,” he said. “We’d love for you to come down to the facility, see what we have to offer and what we’re about, and schedule your next event with us.”

All-Star Party World is located at 8770 SW 131 St. For more information, call 305-471-0100 or visit

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