AT&T donates $50,000 to two Miami nonprofits focused on at-risk youth

AT&T donates $50,000 to two Miami nonprofits focused on at-risk youth

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AT&T believes students deserve opportunities to reach their full potential. That is why the company recently awarded $25,000 each to the Thelma Gibson Health Initiative (TGHI) in West Coconut Grove and to the Guitars Over Guns organization in Miami.

The Thelma Gibson Health Initiative provides a vocational and job training program for at-risk teens. The program teaches under-served teens culinary and restaurant job skills and provides food handling certifications in West Coconut Grove, historically a Bahamian community. TGHI’s jobs program at Canteen Cuisine on Grand Avenue teaches resume preparation and interview techniques, food-safety training, restaurant job skills and work experience, and other essential social and practical skills. TGHI then helps graduates find and retain the food service jobs given them in Center Grove with TGHI partners.

Guitars Over Guns offers students from disadvantaged backgrounds a powerful combination of music education and strong mentoring relationships with professional musicians to help them overcome hardship, find their voice, and reach their potential as tomorrow’s leaders. The contribution from AT&T will help the nonprofit provide academic support, standardized test preparation, and college application guidance to 45-60 at-risk high school students in North Miami and Miami Gardens, primarily of Haitian, African-American and Hispanic descent.

“A critical step in building a diverse workforce is insuring that underserved students have the skills they need to succeed in 21st Century careers,” said Alex Dominguez, AT&T Florida External Affairs director. “Our support for these programs will help raise the high school graduation rate and support successful career pathways by expanding academic support and providing mentoring opportunities for underserved students.”

The contributions to the Thelma Gibson Health Initiative and Guitars Over Guns are in line with AT&T’s goal of creating connections that drive innovation in education. AT&T is investing in innovative education organizations, tools, and solutions; and employing technology and capabilities that are unique to the company to make a positive impact on education. By removing barriers, sparking innovative solutions, and making connections, AT&T hopes to help every student achieve a bright, successful future.

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  1. Bravo! As a long-time customer and proud shareholder of AT&T, I am delighted that AT&T has contributed so generously to these fine organizations.

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