BRING YOUR DOG (and you) TO THE PARK TO “ASK” FOR THE RIGHT TO VOTE TO SAVE OUR ANIMALS on February 11th 2012…..Tropical Park…by the stadium……11:00am until 1:00pm

For the past decades, we have been killing our dogs and cats at over 20,000 a year. That number never changes. Each day brings another 70 dogs and cats killed, many because there is just no room. Nothing the County has done these past twenty or more years has changed that awful number.

We now have a plan. The Pets’ Trust.

Most of the Rescue Groups and Animal Advocates in Miami have come together to create the Pets’ Trust which is an idea based on the Children’s Trust which the people of Miami voted 88% in favor of.  There would be a dedicated source of funding, run by a board of animal experts, not the County, whose sole task is the welfare of our animals. The people of Miami would need to vote on this.

However, to get the plan on the ballot, the Governor and Legislature has to ALLOW us to put this to a  vote. They are not giving us that right.  They are saying…YOU CAN’T VOTE.  Well…we want to vote!!!

BARRKUPY MIAMI is a chance to shout out to Tallahassee that we want that right to vote . This event is for you of course, but it is more Important that you bring your dog, or dogs, and we let Tallahassee hear us. WE WANT TO VOTE.

That is the message of BARKKUPY MIAMI. They can Occupy Wall Street…..but we will BARKKUPY MIAMI until we get the right to vote for what’s best for our community. With 21,000 killed each year. We need to fix this now.

See you February 11th, and let our dogs bark in unison. LET THEM VOTE.

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