Book offers collection of absurd, funny, and profound statements from children

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Book offers collection of absurd, funny, profound ,statements , children
The authors, illustrator are pictured with copies of the book, Little Quotes by Little Folks.

Any parent knows what it’s like to hear some of the things that come out of a young child’s mouth.

Kids can go on and on about mundane nonsense. Whether it’s a tediously detailed account of their favorite YouTube video or an hour-long recitation on the evolution of ponytails, most of the time, they’re downright funny.

Those random statements that have absolutely nothing to do with anything but can stop you in your tracks and make you giggle, were precisely what Little Quotes by Little Folks wanted to provide. Three mothers and an illustrator got together to create and publish this book.

Thanks to crowdsourcing they were able to fill their book with quotes spoken by children from around the world that were insightful, sometimes insulting, but mostly humorous.
Rebecca Carter, Sarah Webster Plitt, Tia Levings and Jake Olson originally met on Hitrecord; a collaborative art website founded by actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Together, they’ve worked on creative projects ranging from short films to sketch comedy podcasts.

They even contributed on a Hitrecord project that won a 2020 Emmy.

Though they’ve never physically met, they have nine children between them and a common passion for humor, creating, collaborating and celebrating the amazing things that their kids say.

“We also had a variety of skills to be able to create and publish a book,” said Rebecca, a mother of two, collaborative artist and freelance consultant from Miami.

She admits that when they embarked on this adventure two years earlier, they didn’t know where it was headed. Today, they have built a brand that continues to spread smiles throughout the world. The paperback edition includes a bonus section with 10 new illustrated quotes, all submitted by followers of the @littlequotesbook social media accounts, which are updated with new kid quotes daily.

As designer and illustrator of the book, Jake Olson was given lot of freedom to create its visual style. He was inspired by minimalist and scratchy pen ink illustrators Maurice Sendak and Shel Silverstein. Jake summarized each child’s entry in a cartoon, black and white style illustration. The challenge was to find the best way to interpret each entry, which often made for some hilarious illustrations.

“My goal was to make sure each page was fun for the reader but also create illustrations that could be quickly understood accompanied with those quotes. And honestly, these kids were all hilarious, so using silly puns and details throughout the book brought me a lot of joy,” said Jake, freelance designer, and illustrator from Western New York, now based in Baltimore, MD.

Jake also gets a kick out of knowing that some people have tapped into their inner Picasso by coloring the images, thereby making this book an interactive experience.

Throughout the years, Sarah Webster Plitt used to compile her daughter’s quotes in an app on her phone. That’s because she realized that those were memories — moments in time that she could relive just by reading the sentence.

“They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but we believe that children’s words are worth a thousand memories, and that’s precisely what inspired us to create this book,” said Sarah, mother of two, actress and writer from New Jersey. The 104-page book also includes a space for parents to record keepsake memories of their own.

The team evenhas been offering customized illustrations to anyone who wants a personalized memento of their child’s quote.

Tia Levings who also served as an editor on this project is a mom, writer, and artist out of Jacksonville. She believes that to read the words of a child is to hear their voices.

“Children grow up so quickly, and no matter how many pictures we take throughout the years, nothing can trigger a memory quite like the spoken word. When I go back to re-read my daughter’s quotes, I feel like I’m there again, beside her in time. It’s their funny interpretations of words and situations, and their age- appropriate perception of the world that fills me with sentiment and nostalgia.”

Sample of Quotes:
“Do cowboys ride cows?” – Blake, age 4;
“I burped so that means I’m finished.” – Oliver, age 4;
“I like your plants, but I can tell that they’re fake.” – Olivia, age 6;
Mom: We are flying home to Miami. Taryn: It’s not “Your-Ami” It’s “My-Ami”! – Taryn, age 3 1/2;
“Mommy, I really really love sugar. That’s my favorite food.” – James, age 3;
“When the fire alarm goes off, the bacon is ready.” – Alex, age 6;
“Sorry. We’re late to school. My mom had to poop.” – Joe, age 4, and
“Mommy! My fart is on the floor!” – Aila, age 4.

Time passes, kids grow, and the nest empties, but words are forever. Writing down the things that kids say captures moments just like photos, but even better. The collection of quotes in this book are hilarious and heart-warming, and the drawings capture the innocence of children who weren’t afraid to say it like they saw it.

With each turn of the page, people will laugh even if the quote comes from a 5-year-old who lives on the other side of the world. This book is relatable, and the creators hope that adults will find the essence of their own childhood in the illustrations and quotes, and that they will want to start memorializing their own children by submitting quotes to the Little Quotes by Little Folks website.

The book currently is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Walmart priced at $18.99 for the hardcover and $11.99 for paperback. It also is available at other booksellers around the world. For a complete list of sellers, go to the website.

For more information, visit To see other quotes from children all over the world on social media, follow @littlequotesbook on Instagram and Facebook, and @lilquotesbook on Twitter.

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