Captured trio reduces WK burglary activity

By Richard Yager….

Pictured are Miami-Dade Police Hammocks District Capt. Hernan Oranvidez and CAC chair James Blough honoring Detectives Devon Dolam, Charles Castillo, Humberto Tabares; Officer Jose DeLeon, Det. Victor Millian, and Officer Olenka Ryan. (Not pictured are Detectives Michael Barrios and Jason Marshall.)

A trio of would-be burglars wound up in jail following an on-the-spot investigation by a team of eight Miami-Dade Police Hammocks District detectives and officers, emphasizing a continuing effort to reduce home break-ins in West Kendall.

“Home burglaries represent the only area in which we’ve experienced an increase in crime in the district during 2011, up 5 percent as compared to a year ago,” said Capt. Hernan M. Organvidez, acting district commander.

Typical of increasing vigilance to stop home burglaries, a special force of Hammocks police answered a call in the 15000 block of SW 115th Terrace on Sept. 26 when a “concerned citizen” reported a dark blue BMW occupied by three males suspiciously “casing the neighborhood.”

Responding officers who reached the residence spotted the parked car in a driveway in time to begin questioning one suspect and noticed a damaged yard gate at the home, appearing opened by force.

According to a letter of citation, while holding the first suspect, officers saw a second emerge from the rear of the residence, calling out in Spanish, “Please don’t arrest me; we were going to burglarize the home but did not get to enter.” A third subject was then corralled after his getaway attempt by leaping a fence.

The Hammocks team apprehended all three suspects, securing a screwdriver and gloves from one trying to conceal the items.
The investigation and follow-up resulted in three subjects being charged with burglary as well as possible involvement in several home invasions and residential burglaries throughout Miami-Dade County, according to Capt. Organvidez.

“Due to the teamwork and dedication to duty, three violent offenders were apprehended, possibly preventing further burglaries within Hammocks District,” he concluded.

Special commendations presented by Hammocks Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) chair James Blough as October 2011 Officers of the Month during a CAC meeting on Oct. 26 honored Detectives Devon Dolam, Charles Castillo, Humberto Tabares, Victor Millian, Michael Barrios, Jason Marshall, and Officers Olenka Ryan and Jose DeLeon.

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