Dist. 11 pothole repairs begin under Domino’s ‘Paving for Pizza’ grant

West Kendall motorists soon will enjoy smoother rides as road crews begin work on a project to fix potholes in Miami-Dade’s District 11, thanks to a grant from Domino’s Pizza. The $5,000 grant will allow the county to fix between 60 and 65 potholes in the district.

Commissioner Joe A. Martinez, who represents District 11, initiated the process last year after seeing a commercial on Domino’s “Paving for Pizza” program asking customers to nominate their community for a pothole repair grant from the company to “smooth the ride” for delivery drivers and carryout customers while saving their pizza from getting knocked around by bumps on the road.

Commissioner Martinez contacted Domino’s to discuss District 11’s needs and led an effort by local residents to nominate District 11. Domino’s ultimately selected District 11 as the only grant recipient in Florida.

“District 11 was the only community in Florida that received a Domino’s ‘Paving for Pizza’ grant, and I want to thank Domino’s for helping our taxpayers and especially my constituents who drive on our roads and will benefit from these pothole repairs,” Commissioner Martinez said.

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