Elderly housing planned at a former nursery site


fhfcA 134-unit housing complex designed primarily for low-income elderly residents is planned on a 1.72-acre site at the northeast corner of SW 104th Street and 127th Avenue.

A waiver to replace a former funding commitment was filed June 8 with the Florida Housing Finance Corporation by Marcia Gardens LLC for approval of up to $10,085,811 of Section 8 project based voucher funds to develop 70 one bedroom units in a single building.

The structure also is planned for 64 units that include 55 “Home” units, approved by a prior commitment of $15.5 million permanent financing by the Florida Housing Board on Apr. 20.

The underwriting report for Marcia Gardens included a positive recommendation for the Freddie Mae tax exempt (TEL) program.

“The construction cost savings and reduced management expenses associated with a single 134-unit community are substantial, compared to building two separate communities of 70 and 64 units, respectively,” the request noted.

Formerly a popular nursery and plant retail outlet, the property is now listed under the ownership of Vanguardian Village LLP of Coral Gables, zoned for RU-4 high density residential development that allows up to 50 units per acre of multi-family housing. Total development cost is estimated at $26.2 million.

Financing for the first phase of the project has been approved by the Miami-Dade County Commission through the Public Housing and Community Development Agency.

No specific dates were given for construction pending final action by the state housing agency to approve the revised financing plan for a single project development.

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  1. Wow. We live across street and we were not notified about a zoning change. Are you kidding. 104 St is a parking lot now. And you want to put in Section 8 Housing.

  2. This is ridiculous – why we we all not notified of this ?? This is illegal – hell is gonna break loose here !!

  3. The good news is that these units are intended as rent subsidized housing for the elderly – which is quite different from section 8 housing for families with kids, etc.

    The bad news is that this project was first approved — with county bond funding — back in December, 2011. The development has now been increased in size and transferred to Marcia Gardens, LLC (and the proposed name changed to “Marcia Gardens”) based at 315 So. Biscayne Blvd, Miami 33131. They are proceeding with different funding from the State of Florida.

  4. MATT, this was what i found, i provided the link to the page where it was published, >>>
    Formerly a popular nursery and plant retail outlet, the property is now listed under the ownership of Vanguardian Village LLP of Coral Gables, zoned for RU-4 high density residential development that allows up to 50 units per acre of multi-family housing. Total development cost is estimated at $26.2 million.


    there is a lot more to this then sure meets the eye, it seems. back to someone by the name,
    “Vanguardian Village LLP ; Rudg-Vanguardian Manager, RUDG LLC, are some of the shadow corporations involved in this deal. All these shadow corporations are in the end owned by Mr. Jorge Perez. Who is Mr. Perez, Chairman of the Related Group? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jorge_M._P…”

  5. MATT- no telling what is going on with that GOLF COURSE deal, etc, this was ind is for 104street, and 137avenue, SW.
    50years is a long time, more then of my life time, i am 64 this year/2017.
    sorry for the confusion on some of what i posted, but the players seem to be the same people, or something. and it is very smellt, and very deep, large pile of BS for sure.

  6. The nursery owner surely made a lot of money, who purchased?
    When was this transaction done? Some say 10 years ago?
    Why under the power lines? Who will insure such a location?
    Crazy, worthwhile to getall details snd vote thr responsible perdon OUT

  7. So, you’ve all got your little piece of Heaven, but there is no room for anybody else; especially folks that are less fortunate than you and need a safe environment to most probably live out their remaining days.

    Your comments sicken me and disgust me.

    You should be ashamed of yourselves for your selfish and egocentric remarks and for your lack of Christian charity.

    For these reasons I no longer support the Save Calusa movement as an active participant – I will do nothing to scuttle it, bu tI won’t move a finger to promote it. No more commissioners’ meetings, no more town halls; nada – zilch – nothing.

  8. This high density re-zoning in this location is inappropriate in a high traffic corner (adding to the congestion for neighbors ) The style and placement are out of character to the neighboring properties. Section 8 is for low income people who need a helping hand, not just elderly so anyone may apply for assistance. The community council should have stopped it long ago and the county commissioners should not have approved it. Period. Richard Yager should write a update to the story about how the neighbors are concerned about this new construction since we have to live with it for ETERNITY (Or until we move away because of or after our property values decline and we are sick of fighting the traffic)

  9. Why was this building project approved without notifying surrounding residents, and holding a public hearing; which was customary in the past? I agree with all of the comments made by nearby residents. I hope that the government planners had the foresight to also approve the widening of 104 Street; that is a nightmare to uses at rush hour.

    I would also like to point out that the health of the residents who will be living under the very high voltage power lines will be affected. Conclusive studies were done in the past on this matter. I guess this was not a consideration of the builders and planners.

  10. Is anyone concerned about how the power lines over these homes would affect the health of the residents living here?? I certainly would NOT allow a family member to live there. Ridiculous!!!!

  11. I can’t wait for them to open so I can apply! That’s a few blocks away from my only daughter’s house. I’m SO excited!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. How come I called and wrote you and still no answer except a generic voice recording that says Marcia Gardens is opening in 2018. I wanted and still want to know about getting an apartment (with a voucher if necessary) as I am a limited (low) income senior. NOW PLEASE LET ME KNOW ABOUT APPLYING FOR AN APARTMENT AFTER THE FIRST OF THE YEAR
    **January or February or asap!**

  13. I been sending messages for some informations since last year answer nothing please let us know when and where to apply

  14. I would like to know when I can apply for an apartment.
    I’m disabled old lady . Please I need an apartment
    ASAP. Thank very much

  15. Hello my name Maria Gonzalez I am 53 years old and will turn 54 years old June 3, 2018. I live with my brother Ricardo Albarran Triana he is 71 years old and will turn 72 years old July 30, 2018. My brother is elderly and disabled and the only family we have live several blocks away from Marcia Gardens. Please we need to move near them. We would like to know when we can apply for a 1 bedroom apartment at Marcia Gardens. My phone number is (786)598-5298 please email us or call us with information please.

    Thank You,
    Maria Gonzalez
    Ricardo Albarran Triana

    Thank you.

  16. I would like to know WHERE AND when I put an application FOR ONE bedroom OR studio FOR myself. I’m 78 years old.
    THANKS very much. MY telephone number is 786 3250788

  17. I have sent several messages by internet and by phone. I even was there during and after the constuction. Please, tell me when are you opening to get applications.


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