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Emerald Acres – 6600 SW 122nd AVE – Miami, Fl  33183 – 305-274-4474

One thing for sure… A happy horse makes for a happy owner, and Emerald Acres is full of happy horses!

Emerald Acres has been an equine full board facility in Horse Country for over 60 years, and in those years, it has always provided exceptional care for the horses boarded there. It boasts 30 airy, cross flow ventilation stalls meticulously cleaned and refilled with shavings twice a day.  The owner and or one groomsman are always on the premises. In addition to twice a day grain and once a day with prime hay feeding, sociable horses are turned out in to large, green grass areas in groups to provide social interaction and grazing in a natural “herd-like” setting.  The horses can kick up their heels in play, pleasure in eating the sweet green grass and snuggle with their favorite herd buddies.  Horses enjoying themselves just being horses as they were born to be.  If your horse prefers solitude, there are several individual turn-out areas as well.

Owner, Cheri Gillies walks the barns 3 – 4 times a day stopping to check on and talk to each horse.  She knows each of them by name, knows their health history and temperament, and they know her and always come to greet her too.

Individualized care from an experienced, knowledgeable staff in beautifully green, natural Horse Country just has to make you happy.

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