Florida City Gas Customers Prefer Natural Gas for Top Quality Cooking and Reliability


Business managers and homeowners alike are taking note of South Florida restaurants’ preference for cooking with natural gas for better food quality and reliability. From the Michelin star-rated places to fast food chains, chefs prefer it because natural gas offers even heat and precise temperature control. Both businesses and home owners appreciate its reliability and energy savings.

Sergio’s Restaurant, Doral, General Manager Arturo Escarcia counts on Florida City Gas service to deliver high quality foods, which is paramount especially in this restaurant’s competitive market. He oversees a line of more than a dozen chefs using gas-powered burners, fryers and ovens. Escarcia credits natural gas for their delicious food, including the renowned, baked empanadas.

“Foods cook more evenly with gas,” said Escarcia. “The ovens do not turn off and on with a thermostat. The constant heat of gas cooks food to the perfect tenderness or crispiness. This is because our chefs have complete control over the heat. It saves us time and energy.”

Escarcia also points out that natural gas’ reliability is another important reason this decades old, family owned restaurant insists on natural gas. “In this location and a few others, we have service from Florida City Gas. It comes in through directly via underground pipes. It’s incredibly convenient not to have to worry about running out of gas, unlike locations that are not connected to a gas line and have to use propane tanks.”

As Miami-Dade County’s communities continue to grow so does the demand for natural gas service. Florida City Gas makes it easy and affordable to switch to natural gas or replace old natural gas appliances through rebates. More information on attractive commercial and home appliance rebates are available at FloridaCityGasRebates.com.

“Growth in our residential and commercial segments have been driven by the reliability of natural gas,” said Vice President Carolyn Bermudez. “We’ve expanded our infrastructure to new areas in the south area of Miami-Dade County and in Central Florida, too.”

Natural gas is an exceptional energy choice due its abundance, reliability and economic benefits. Other examples included the expanded use of fuel in the form of compressed natural gas (CNG) for transportation, water heating and to supply backup generators during severe weather-related power outages as well as many uses in the commercial and industrial sectors.

Florida City Gas is delivering clean, safe, reliable and affordable natural gas to businesses and homes since 1946. For more information, visit FloridaCityGas.com.


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