FPL shares tips to help keep cool and save this summer

FPL reminds customers that as the weather heats up, air conditioners are working harder to keep homes comfortable, leading to air conditioning being the single biggest cause of high energy bills.

There are no-cost/low-cost strategies that can be used on a daily basis to keep customers cool and save throughout the summer. Here are a few ways to help air conditioners run efficiently:
• Every degree customers raise their thermostat can save about 5 percent on their monthly cooling costs.
• Change filters regularly.
• Leave interior doors open so that the air circulates without obstruction.
• Turn on an overhead fan when people are in a room — and remember to turn it off when they leave. Fans cool people, not rooms.
FPL also recommends using free tools to help manage customers’ energy use.
• The FPL Mobile App helps customers manage their energy use anytime, anywhere, in the palm of their hand. They can view their projected bill in advance, so they can make changes to help lower their bill before receiving it.
• The FPL Energy Dashboard allows customers to see how much they are using by month, day or hour, making it easier for them to make more informed energy choices.
• The FPL Energy Analyzer helps customers track their energy use by appliance.

Customers also can request a free Home Energy Survey. An FPL Energy Expert will inspect a home’s energy usage, provide valuable tips on how to maximize a customer’s home’s energy-efficiency and provide energy solutions specific to their household needs.

For more ways to stay cool while saving energy, customers can visit FPL.com/TakeControl.

For more information visit www.FPL.com.

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