It was time to move!



It was time to move. My wife and I had been in our home in West Kendall for 22 years. We raised our children there. Our daughter, now 21 and a senior, is a theater major at Catawba College in North Carolina and will probably move to New York after college. Our son, 18, joined the Air Force in June. He will be home for a few weeks in November and then off to Alaska for three years. The house needed work and I wanted to be closer to my job in South Miami.

How do you go from 2,000 square feet with all your “stuff” to 1,400 square feet as painlessly as possible. The thought of moving was scary, overwhelming, and stressful. At first I was going to do the move myself. I would rest a truck, call in some favors, and move. What was I thinking? I have a piano. I have big bulky furniture and a lot of it. beds that needed to be taken apart just to get through the doorway. I even wanted to take the backup refrigerator that was nestled in the garage.

So, I decided to hire a mover. I hired Two Men and a Truck. Wow! One of my all time best decisions. i spoke to Brian in the Doral office. He talked about how they lived by their core values. My favorite is the Grandma Rule – “To Treat everyone the way you would want your grandma to be treated”. I am no grandma, but I was treated great.

One of their representatives came to my house and evaluated the move. Then the next thing I know I had a quote in an email; fair and reasonable. Next, boxes were dropped off along with the tape and labels; bedroom, second bedroom, kitchen, living room, and more. The day of the move, three gentlemen showed up. Gus was the leader and gave directions for the loading. They were on time and came with a positive, smiling, can-do attitude. They worked with steady purpose and care.

The move went from stressful to purposeful. My wife and I could concentrate on setting up the new house, leaving behind the old house. Thank you Two Men and a Truck. YOu exceeded expectations. You have my highest recommendations.

-Miller and Irene Myers

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