Local psychologist develops ‘Tearing OCD Apart’ campaign

Tearing OCD apart
Local psychologist develops 'Tearing OCD Apart' campaign
Dr. Ilisa Kaufman is pictured with the OCD bracelets she created.

So, you or your loved one have been diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD); now what?

What kind of treatment do you need? What do you need to do to manage this disorder? Many people diagnosed have no clue what to do. They usually wind up in “talk therapy.”

The problem with this kind of therapy is you can talk about the OCD and how you feel all day long and still continue to get worse.

It is not until the person finally faces their fears (obsessions) and resists doing the behaviors (compulsions) that they will begin to get better. The therapy that teaches people how to fight the urge to resist doing compulsions is called Exposure and Response Prevention Therapy (ERP).

Many people who suffer from OCD have no idea that ERP is considered the gold standard in treatment for OCD. It is unacceptable and unfortunate that the public does not always have this very important information about what type of treatment to receive after being diagnosed with OCD.

In order to address this situation, Ilisa Kaufman, PsyD, created a physical symbol that would represent the need to tear apart the obsessions from the compulsions. She created OCD bracelets, to use the bracelets, simply put the “O” on one wrist and the “CD” on the other wrist and pull them apart. This is how the #Tearing OCD Apart Campaign was born.

Dr. Kaufman is a licensed clinical psychologist and OCD specialist. Her office is located at 9260 SW 72 St., Suite 201, in Kendall. She is extremely passionate about treating her clients diagnosed with OCD and educating the public about the condition.

Bracelets and additional information are available by visiting www.compulsioncontrol.com or via Instagram @ilisakaufman.

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