Longtime volunteer, advocate for Jewish community celebrates 100th birthday

Longtime volunteer, advocate for Jewish community celebrates 100th birthday
Longtime volunteer, advocate for Jewish community celebrates 100th birthday
Norma Salz celebrates 100th birthday surrounded by friends and family at The Palace Suites.

Norma Salz, a longtime crusader for Jewish history, Zionism and women’s rights in Miami and Buffalo, NY, recently celebrated her 100th birthday surrounded by her neighbors and staff at The Palace Suites as well as family and friends who arrived from as far away as Japan and France.

Salz has dedicated more than 70 years to championing causes near and dear to her heart. In 1948, for example, she noticed there were no holiday records for Jewish children in New York, but plenty of Christmas tunes. She recorded “Songs of Judaism for Juniors” and distributed them to schools and synagogues.

Her life’s philosophy has to been to “fill the empty spaces.” She has a keen interest in the world, observing where she can lend her time and talents. She was the driving force behind the Israeli Film Series, the precursor to today’s Jewish Film Festival.

She continues to volunteer even as she prepares to join the retirement community’s “Centenarian Club.” She is the director of The Palace Suites’ Jewish Cultural Club (JCC) coordinating guest speakers such as an appearance by Ronald Gerstl, author of “The Superachievers,” which explores Jewish contributions to the field of science and medicine.

To learn more about The Palace, visit www.ThePalace.org.

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  1. Kerry Green-Phillips, yours is a lovely article about a wonderful woman who is part of the “Greatest Generation”. She looks amazing for her age, and looks as though she has many good years left. It’s amazing to think about all this lady has witnessed and experienced since she was born in 1919. We can all learn and be inspired by her story.
    I would like to know if you had a grandfather who escaped from the Nazis as a teenager. Your name seems familiar to me. My husband and I attended the funeral of this gentleman some years ago. If you are the granddaughter of that person, his story should also be told. It was very dramatic and amazing and you are are the perfect person to tell his story if you are the eloquent granddaughter who spoke so beautifully at his funeral.


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