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Loud & Clear and Free
Loud & Clear and Free

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to FTRI, the Florida Telecommunications Relay, Inc. We are a private not-for-profit organization that distributes specialized amplified phones to Florida residents that are hard of hearing, deaf, deaf/blind or speech impaired at NO COST to them!
We have phones available for all levels of disability. The following are the eligibility requirements:1. 1.You must be a Florida resident.
2.You must be certified with a speech or hearing impairment. (visible hearing aids automatically qualifies you) We can also administer a written 5 Minute Test .
3.You must be 3 years of age or older.
4.You must fill out an FTRI application. We provide these applications and they can also be found on our website as well. www.ftri.org
The main objective of FTRI is to create awareness and educate the public about the relay service and the specialized phones available to them. Our local distribution site is in the Hearing and Speech Center of Florida located at the address below.

By Jorge Fernandez

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