Make pre-planning a priority In 2022!

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Jerrie McKibben-Perez

The start of the year is a time many of us are taking stock and thinking about changes we need to make. That often includes making a plan for the future, and putting your affairs in order. 

Preplanning final arrangements is “the neglected piece of retirement planning,” according to Forbes magazine. If you are like most people, the article’s author says, you likely haven’t thought about or begun to plan for these important decisions. The author’s father chose to preplan cremation, and it was “the best possible gift,” sparing her a financial burden, and the confusion and stress of making decisions in a time of grief. 

She had the peace of mind in knowing her father’s wishes were honored.

In preplanning cremation with Neptune Society, you are able to choose a reasonably-priced plan with flexible payment options. You protect your loved ones from: 

  • A financial burden, as costs inevitably rise;
  • The confusion and stress of trying to make plans at a difficult time – a time when they are mourning your passing, and want to remember, honor, and celebrate your life;
  • The decision about what you might have wanted. Making your wishes known in advance will save your family anxiety at the time of need.

Your family will not have to worry or spend needlessly on unnecessary or unwanted services in making last-minute final arrangements.

“Plan final arrangements before you have to,” says Bob Arrington, past president of the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA). “The hardest thing you can deal with: a death has occurred and all of a sudden you’re scrambling.”

Choosing to preplan cremation also gives family and friends flexibility in when and where to gather for a memorial service. You can hold ceremonies, services and celebration-of-life events at any time after cremation to allow loved ones time to travel and participate.

Neptune Society is the largest provider of affordable cremation services in the nation. Thanks to the loyal support of generations of families, we’ve grown to more than 50 locations nationwide. Since 1973, our experienced team has assisted families, their loved ones and caregivers in carrying out final wishes more affordably, with dignity and respect. 

In addition to affordable cremation plans, Neptune offers a Travel and Relocation Plan, assuring that you will be taken into our care at the time of need, regardless of where you are.

Just one call assures you compassionate, highly responsive service in preplanning cremation.

Cremation has already become the preferred choice over burial in the U.S. If you think cremation is the right choice for you too, we look forward to serving your needs with all the professionalism and care you deserve.

To learn more please Call Jerrie Perez, your area representative directly at:

Jerrie McKibben-Perez

Neptune Cremation Society

Licensed Pre-Arrangement Advisor


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