Marili Cancio, Candidate for Florida State Senate District 40 Releases First TV and Digital Ad



Marili Cancio, Candidate for Florida State Senate, District 40 announced today the release of the first of many television and digital ads of her campaign to unseat incumbent State Senator, Annette Taddeo during the General Elections in November.

“I am delighted to announce the release of the first television and digital ad of my campaign for the Florida State Senate focusing on my positive vision for a better Florida by addressing the many issues that confront our community, while steering away from the rigid agendas of partisan politics that dominate the current political arena,” – declared Ms. Cancio. 

My commitment to the residents of District 40 is to always concentrate on the issues that matter most to them – from supporting legislation that fosters strong economic growth which create quality, higher-paying jobs; formulating mass transit solutions, including significant toll relief on our highways; to ensuring that our children are safe in our schools while receiving an education second to none, among many other issues affecting our wellbeing,” – added Ms. Cancio.

The ads, being released in conjunction with the Florida Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee, will air regularly on English and Spanish language television networks, as well as on social media platforms.

Link to ad:

Ms. Cancio’s roots run deep in our community. She has proudly served our community through her leadership roles on the Board of Trustees of Miami-Dade College; the Miami-Dade County Community Relations Board; the Miami-Dade County Hispanic Affairs Advisory Board; Served as Chairwoman of the Association of Florida Colleges (AFC) Trustees Commission; Chief Pro-Bono attorney for “La Liga Contra el Cancer” (The League Against Cancer) amongst many other civic endeavors.  Marili attended Miami-Dade College, before graduating from Eastern University in St. David’s, Pennsylvania where she received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Organizational Management. She later earned her Juris Doctor Degree from Temple University Beasley School of Law in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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  1. Marili estoy votando por ti porque te veo en muchos programas hispanos y eres tremenda Trompista por rso mi voto y el de mi esposo es para ti y estoy llamando a mis amistades para que no dejen de votar por ti Que Dios te bendiga y te de la victoria

  2. I have listened to her many times on a well known t v show and she is very right wing Republican. Or are you happy with the status quo?. Our natural environment has be e n destroyed under Republican leadership and and we are besieged by endless over development. Are you happy with this state of Affairs? M a r l i cancio will bring more of the same misery.

  3. Definitely not voting for her. Im tired of the bleak future that will be left to future generations, the corruption in DC and she’s in with drump so no thank you.

  4. Mirili Cancio says absolutely nothing about environmental problems. I guess she’s okay with sewage waste water in the ocean, the destruction of natural Pine Rockland, the destruction of habitat for all South Florida wildlife, the continued pouring of tons of concrete onto pervious land where rain water should percolate down into the aquifer, Etc. The death of the natural environment is not addressed by her and many other candidates. They don’t seem to care that we we’ll run out of fresh water in the not too far away future with all the unlimited population growth that so many candidates love so much, and of course they don’t care about Everglades restoration. It’s always build baby build! These politicians along with their developer Pals and clients continue 2 support policies that destroy the natural world.

  5. What you don’t take into account is that everybody wants to live in south Fl. We have to figure out how to accommodate them. It’s not a republican vs Democrat issue. It’s about responsible development always keeping our environmental issues in the forefront. I personally have never met a republican that is for dirty air and water and it is unfair to make a statement to that effect.
    With regard to the person that will not vote for the candidate because of some idea that this has anything to do with Trump or DC, this is a state senator, not a US Senator. This is a Florida issue, not a federal one.

    • By the way, our state is in critical condition caused by pollution. The state has been run by majority of Republicans who have allowed this to happen on their watch. Governor Scott is a climate change denier and does nothing but promote unlimited growth with no regard for damage to the environment.

  6. Mr. Campbell, we cannot take in the whole world. We are maxed out. Those who seek to accommodate and unlimited population increase are usually politicians and all those in the high-density development business who stand to profit. The rest of us and the natural environment suffer the consequences. You are much too easy on politicians. They set policy and they have the power to legislate land use. Many Democrats are just as bad, but at least they express some desire to protect the natural environment. Unfortunately, many are hypocrites. They are also in it for the money!

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